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Fashion Trends That Are Already Dead

By Shweta Kulkarni, 21 Sep, 2019

    Attention Fashionistas! Here are the 2019 trends that you need to ditch right away to stay atop of your style game.

    Fashion is an ever-changing game. In fact, some trends change so swiftly that what’s hot today may not necessarily be the in-thing the next day. Even something that the fashion police has vouched for as the biggest trend at the beginning of the year may lose all its fizz in a matter of months.

    Hence it is not at all surprising that several hot and happening trends of 2019 are now either out or slated to fizzle out in the coming months. And if you are one of those fashionistas, who like to stay up-to-date always, then you must check out our list of eight trends that you need to ditch right away.

    So, without further ado, here’s what is already dead or on its way out in 2019…

    Set The Zebra And Cow Prints Free

    With their presence felt strongly at several runways and a big hit among the celebrities too, zebra and cow prints were undoubtedly hailed as the biggest fashion trends of the year from all quarters. However, these fancy prints are already making a quick exit from the fashion circuit, and it’s time for you to bid adieu to them too. But, do hold on dearly to your other animal prints, especially the leopard and snakeskin print as they are still piping hot and very much the in-thing.

    Cast Away The Tiny Shades

    Well, no doubt they were a rage just a while ago but it’s about time that you trade your slim-thin sunglasses for bigger retro style ones, as this futuristic looking style is already a passé. Horizontally slim shades, available in a variety of shapes and hues, were a hot-favourite among all, including popular celebs. However, when it came to utility these itty-bitty sunnies were good for nothing and even received tremendous backlash from health professionals. And now the trend is finally flung out of the fashion radar. So, lovelies you too can cast away those micro-good-for-nothing sunnies, and instead opt for oversized and retro shaped shades, which not only guarantee sun protection to your eyes but also help you make an impeccable style statement.

    Chuck The Chunky Dad Sneakers

    Basically all things too tiny or too big are already out from the list of fashion must-haves, including the chunky dad sneakers. They were far from flattering even when they made it to the headlines earlier this year and now finally, they are on their way out from the fashion circuit. No doubt, these comfortable thick-soled chunky sneakers were a hit when they debuted this year on the runways, but they were hardly versatile and didn’t complement too many ensembles. What’s more, they were definitely not pleasing to the eye either. Most stores have already put them up on the discounted racks.

    Pack Up Those Tiny Bags Too

    With the likes of Priyanka Chopra, Lady Gaga and a horde of other celebs showing a strong affinity towards them, just like the tiny shades, micro-bags too were a big hit at the beginning of this year. However, these miniatures bags have been truly good for nothing too and are not exactly practical for everyone. No wonder, the trend is already seeing a downslide and shall soon be completely out of the fashion circuit.

    Make An Exit From The Embellished Denim 

    Embroidered, sequined, patched, printed, 2019 saw a new wave of denim style. Right from runways to street style, embellished denim was a hit with everyone, however, it was certainly a short-lived trend. Nothing beats the staple old classic denim and that’s what you need in your wardrobe to continue to stay up-to-date in your fashion game.

    Get Over And Out With Overalls

    Now this is one trend, the absence of which we shall really miss. None can refute the fact that overalls are the comfiest piece of garment ever designed, but it’s time to say goodbye to baggy overalls now. They are out and done with and moving forward, what’s going to reign in the fashion world are utility jumpsuits. So, now you know, what you need to put your bucks on.

    Stop Painting The Town In Red

    Red may have been a hit in the beginning of the year, but the hue is already losing its fizz and it’s time to welcome some new shades in your life. The new colours of the season that are flooding the market are – beige and ecru tones, and a definite must-have in your wardrobe if you want to amp up your style.

    No More Neons

    Neons were a rage in 2018 and they sneaked in 2019 too, however, they have definitely overstayed now and it’s time to tell them goodbye. Not only is it one of the least wearable trends but the fact is not everyone can carry it off either. If you want to make an eye-catching impact, instead opt for more soothing and trending hues like peach and pistachio.

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