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Canada's 7 Most Stunning Hotels

Shweta Kulkarni Darpan, 29 Nov, 2023
  • Canada's 7 Most Stunning Hotels

Canada not only offers breathtaking natural vistas but also a selection of the most opulent and beautiful hotels and resorts imaginable.   

From sweeping coastlines kissing the vast expanse of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to pristine wilderness stretching as far as the eye can see and majestic mountains piercing the sky — the enchanting beauty of Canada simply can't be expressed in words. And while one can't stop raving about Canada's breathtaking natural beauty, the country also boasts of some of the prettiest and the most extraordinary hotels and resorts, ideal for relaxing, unwinding, and taking a break from the grind. These gorgeous escapes are a sanctuary of luxury and tranquillity, where every stay promises comfort and an experience that lingers long after check-out. Here, we have curated a list of some of Canada's most beautiful hotels, sure to spark a major wanderlust. Take a look…

Hôtel De Glace

Made entirely of ice, Hôtel De Glace is nothing short of a winter wonderland straight out of a fairy tale. Located only 20 minutes from Quebec City, Hôtel De Glace is an architectural marvel which opens with a new theme every year between the winter months of January and March. 

This magical hotel is not merely a place to stay; it's an immersive experience that transports you into a realm of frozen beauty. Every corner of Hôtel de Glace is a masterpiece, intricately crafted with shimmering ice sculptures and delicate snow carvings. From the cozy warmth of fur-lined ice beds to the breathtaking ice grand hall and ice bar, this art hotel is beyond amazing.

Fogo Island Inn

Nestled on one of Newfoundland's most remote islands, Fogo Island Inn is a haven of serenity that effortlessly marries contemporary elegance with traditional charm, creating an ambience that feels both luxurious and inviting. Designed by Newfoundland-born architect Todd Saunders, the modern outside architecture of Fogo Island Inn contrasts with its interiors, which are based on history and celebrate local artistry. With its floor-to-ceiling windows, each of the 29 one-of-a-kind guest rooms and suites offers uninterrupted views of the dramatic coastline, allowing you to savour the natural beauty of Newfoundland from the lap of luxury.

Parc Omega Wolf Cabins

The Parc Omega Wolf Cabins is a masterpiece in the heart of nature, offering a luxe glamping experience like no other. Situated within the wilderness of the massive safari park — Parc Omega in Quebec, every cabin is meticulously crafted to harmonize with the surrounding landscape, seamlessly blending rustic charm with modern comfort. Each cabin offers panoramic views of the wilderness and ensures minimal impact on the environment, embracing the ethos of sustainable living. Each detail, from the natural materials used in construction to the large windows framing picturesque vistas, reflects a deep respect for the natural habitat. The Parc Omega wolf cabins are designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. They provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, making guests feel like they are a part of the wilderness without compromising luxury.

Sonora Resort

Sonora Resort is another gorgeous wilderness resort regarded as one of Canada's most luxurious accommodations. Nestled in the heart of the Discovery Island archipelago on the rugged West Coast of British Columbia, Sonora Resort is considered one of Canada's most beautiful and eco-friendly resorts. Imagine a place where lush forests and mountains converge to create a haven of natural splendour. Add a luxurious resort dedicated to wellness and relaxation to this idyllic setting, and you have Sonora Resort. Each room at the resort boasts vast floor-to-ceiling windows, which offer a panoramic view of the tranquil waters and lush forests, redefining the concept of a 'room with a view.'Accessible only by helicopter or seaplane, this secluded retreat offers a perfect blend of adventure and pampering. Whether you are indulging in gourmet cuisine, exploring the surrounding wilderness, or rejuvenating at the spa, every moment at Sonora Resort is designed to elevate your senses and soothe your soul.

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

The breathtaking Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, nestled within the enchanting walls of Quebec City, reigns supreme as a symbol of timeless elegance. 

Perched majestically on a hill, this castle-like hotel is an elegant, beautiful, and well-maintained heritage property, offering panoramic views of the St. Lawrence River and the city below. From its regal turrets to its luxurious suites, every nook and cranny tells tales of royalty and sophistication. If you are looking for a luxury experience in Canada with a touch of regal elegance, Fairmont Le Château Frontenac is among the best in the country.

Wickaninnish Inn

If you are a nature enthusiast and a luxury seeker, the Wickaninnish Inn is undoubtedly your dream destination. Named one of the top resorts in Canada, this gorgeous boutique hotel is perched between the ancient rainforest and the sea. It epitomizes the Northwest Coast style with its architecture featuring local cedar, fir, driftwood, and stone elements. Every room immerses guests in the stunning surroundings through windows opening to the landscape and seascape. The Inn's unique character is shaped by sculptures and artwork from local artisans, notably Henry Nolla and Maxwell Newhouse, whose signature handmade pieces adorn every property corner. Imagine waking up to the rhythmic sound of crashing waves, breathing in the crisp ocean breeze, and indulging in world-class spa treatments—all under the same roof. It's a haven for surfers, spa enthusiasts, and anyone seeking the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Nestled amid the pristine wilderness of British Columbia, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is the epitome of luxury and natural beauty. Surrounded by ancient forests, rugged mountains, and the serene Bedwell River, this resort offers an unparalleled retreat into the heart of nature. Guests are welcomed into lavishly appointed tents, where rustic elegance meets modern comfort, providing a cozy sanctuary. Each accommodation is tastefully furnished with local artisan-designed items and offers gorgeous waterfront and rainforest views. From kayaking in the river to hiking through old-growth rainforests, every experience at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is a harmonious blend of thrilling wilderness activities and lavish indulgence.



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