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Wedding story: Jasneet & Jatinder

Darpan News Desk, 22 Nov, 2016
  • Wedding story: Jasneet & Jatinder
Q: How did you meet? 
Jasneet: Jatinder and I met at a mutual friend’s birthday party. We connected as soon as we saw each other. We talked most of the night and exchanged phone numbers. We continued to keep in touch and hit it off. 
Q: What do you love most about one another?
A: The best thing that we love about each other is the chemistry between us. Regardless of how long or how little time it has been since we met, we get excited every time – especially during our courtship days between our rokka and wedding. Even now after getting married we look forward to seeing each other at the end of the day. We both appreciate each other and value each other’s time.
Q: Could you share your proposal story?
Jasneet: It is my most favourite story. It was a few weeks before our wedding and we had a pre-wedding party to attend that same day. However, at the last minute my friend calls up and tells me that she had booked high-tea for us a month ago which was paid for in advance, and she was unable to get the day moved since it was a promotional offer. So here I am getting upset that we are going to have to rush through this and then also attend a party. 
We left home early to go for high-tea but my brother kept driving around downtown to stall as Jatinder was stuck in traffic and had not reached the proposal venue yet. We finally reached Prospect Point in Stanley Park; my brother went to park while my friend and I went to take some pictures. As I continued to walk down the stairs I hear a violin playing and it sounds like a Hindi song. As I continue walking I see Jatinder standing there with a rose in his hand, waiting for me. I completely froze, I was so shocked. Jatinder took my hand and walked me to the set up that he had arranged. It was a table for two with rose petals and candles on the floor and a bottle of champagne on the table. He was talking to me and I was still in a daze, I still get butterflies in my stomach thinking about it. Then came the moment when he got down on one knee and asked the question. I could tell he was just as nervous as we had a full audience watching us from the top. 
Q: Describe your wedding day. What was your favourite moment?
Jasneet: Our wedding day was the most awaited by Jatinder and me. We both were running just on adrenaline since neither of us got any sleep. Just something about the day gives you so much energy that you feel totally energetic. Our most favourite moment was when we were both taking our laavan – these four rounds change your life as you step into the next journey – and both of us were looking forward to it.
Q: Could you tell us about your reception?
A: Our reception was the finale of our two-month long celebrations that we had this summer. It was perfect walking inside as a couple, to see everyone greet you with so much love and warmth was amazing. 
Q: Can you describe your outfits?
Jasneet: For both Jatinder and myself, our wedding day outfits were our favourite as they both felt so special. I wore a peach/pink floor-length Anarkali that had coral and white-coloured small flowers and tread work all over it. As for Jatinder, he wore a cream sherwani that also had tread work with a peach shawl. Our outfits complimented each other beautifully. 
Q: Where did you honeymoon?
A: For our honeymoon we went to the Turks and Caicos Islands. It was beautiful; blue crystal clear waters with white powder sand. It was a great getaway and exactly what we had dreamed for and wanted. Walking along the shore in the evening was so romantic and the sound of water was so soothing. The week went by so quickly, we definitely would go back whenever we get the opportunity.
Q: What are your goals as a couple?
A: Always make time for each other and make sure that your make each other your priority. We both want to grow as a couple together. Be on the same page as each other; be the best team ever. 
Q: What are your favourite quotes?
A:  “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else's life.” - Steve Jobs
Q: What are the strengths of your marriage?
A: The strengths of our marriage are that we are each other’s best friend and partners. We as a couple complement each other. With any marriage it is all about team work. Once you balance that out, that is the biggest strength. When you give your partner and family respect and have trust in them you receive double in return. It is simple, the more love you take the more you receive in return.
Q: If you could provide any advice to other married couples, what would it be?
A: Always share everything with your spouse. Let them know if something is bothering you and solve the problem or find the solution together. Never go to bed angry, always sort out your issues or arguments before going to sleep. Plan little surprises for your partner, little moments like that are what make great memories and shows how much you truly care about each other.


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