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Unique Diwali Celebration Ideas

Shweta Kulkarni Darpan, 04 Nov, 2021
  • Unique Diwali Celebration Ideas

The festival of lights is all about spreading the light of happiness and bringing joy in the lives of others, check out how you can celebrate a more mindful Diwali this year.

Numerous traditions and rituals like — lighting diyas, hanging lanterns, making rangolis, exchanging gifts, feasting upon sweets, bursting crackers, and of course, spending time with loved ones — capture the essence of Diwali for most of us. However, the true spirit of the festival of lights goes beyond all these usual festive revelries. The real essence of Diwali gleams through the joy of sharing, spreading the light of happiness, and brightening up the lives of others. So, this year why not make the festivities a bit more meaningful and celebrate a more mindful Diwali? Here are some unique ways to celebrate Diwali and brighten up not just your festive mood but also spread the light of happiness onto others…

Buy Thoughtful Gifts

It is a tradition to gift our near and dear ones during the festival of Diwali, however, this year bear in mind that gifts needn’t always have to be expensive. This festive season, take a moment and think before you go on a shopping spree to buy gifts. Choose gifts that are durable, eco-friendly and makes life simpler for your loved ones. Plants make for an excellent gifting option, so does gifts made by artisans who struggle to make a living. The idea is to be thoughtful and splurge your bucks on feelings rather than any emotionless expensive gift.

Visit An Orphanage/Old Age Home

Diwali is a festival of togetherness and while you are blessed with a beautiful set of family and friends, not everyone is as lucky as you are. This festive season, do take time out to spend quality time with abandoned elders or kids at an orphanage, providing them with the much-needed feeling of togetherness and bonding of a family. Elevate their mood by playing games, lighting diyas with them, making rangolis, talking to them… Believe us, a simple gesture like this can make not only their festival special but give you a sense of happiness you have never experienced before. You can always make the day more special by taking some sweets and gifts for them.

Appreciate The Working Class

Diwali is the time you take a break from your work and enjoy the time with your friends and family. However, there are many frontline workers such as cops, traffic police, healthcare workers, delivery staff, guards, fuel station employees and others who don’t have the luxury to take a day off even on festivals. Be appreciative of all the work they are doing, give them a box of chocolate or sweets as a token of your gratitude.


It is said that your happiness increases when you share. This festive season, try to support a noble cause. Help underprivileged children with education supplies, food, toys, provide medicines to hospitals… There are plenty of trustworthy NGOs dedicatedly working towards several causes. Choose the ones that tug at your heartstrings the most and see how rewarding and enriching it feels.

Be Considerate Towards Animals & Environment

For many, the festive merriments are incomplete without the annual routine of bursting firecrackers. However, one needs to understand that the toxic gases released by the crackers not only heavily add to the increasing pollution levels but also affect animals and birds around. So, this Diwali why not act responsibly and not burst crackers or opt for eco-friendly crackers that are low on sound and less damaging to the environment. After all, it is the festival of lights, not noise.

Support Local Businesses

Since the pandemic has struck, small and local businesses have faced incredible difficulties and losses. This year make a cautious choice to shop for your festivities from the local vendors. Choose independent cafes and restaurants over national chains, buy decorations, art supplies and gifts from local shops, these are simple yet effective ways to support local businesses.

By doing so you are not only strengthening the local economy but also spreading happiness around your neighbourhood.

Indulge in games

Playing cards is considered auspicious during the festival of Diwali, as it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi — the goddess of wealth, smiles upon the player and ensures her goodwill upon them. Well, this time around, why not take the goddess’ goodwill to the less fortunate ones as well? Play your card game as usual but this year make sure to donate your earnings at the card parties for a good cause. Best way to not only enjoy the festivities but also do your bit for the society.



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