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2016 Decor Trends: What’s Trending in Your Home?

By Ashley Stephens, 25 Nov, 2015
  • 2016 Decor Trends: What’s Trending in Your Home?

A look at the dark, dramatic, cozy and colourful styles you’ll see in 2016

Trends are changing faster than ever due to advancements in technology and accessibility to new materials. The instantaneous and influx of information from our online connections have given rise to a fast changing home decor market where a colour, pattern or material can instantly take off and become trendy.

This rapidly revolving door has led to styles that come and go quickly but also to an increased acceptance of a variety of different decor ideas. 2016 will lead to less emphasis on one particular style resulting in homes that incorporate the multitude of inspirations that designers weren’t previously privy to.

Instead of cookie-cutter interiors and limiting guidelines, the theory that ‘everything goes’ will see many happy decorators trying new things this coming year - especially when it comes to colour. There seem to be no real rules to follow or ignore as colours will contrast and contradict each other to create combinations that work.

“For colours, jewel or earth tones,” will be popular, says Sarah Gallop, Principal Designer at Sarah Gallop Design Inc.“Navy is a great ‘neutral’. I think [it] is a great addition to just about any scheme. It’s very luxurious.”

And luxury and drama will certainly be in this coming year with bold statements being made with the use of colour. While white is still riding high, black is back for dramatic effect. Black tiles are being used across kitchens and bathrooms in a glamourous fashion with dark feature walls creating a neutral yet sophisticated and modern canvas.

Look for these bold but simple colour schemes to be mixed with fresh tones or soft, subtle pastels. Pinks in hues of tissue or beige will pair well while indigo and denim will be big in blues.

Pantone, the self-appointed authority on colour, included “Mixed Bag” as one of their key colour palettes for 2016. Described as “an assortment of eclectic patterns and prints” and including blacks, reds, violets and orange, this palette plays to the theory that excitement is in style and mixing it up is on trend.

“Mixed materials is going to be increasingly popular – combinations of wood, metals, glass,” Gallop says. “If building or renovating, the trends can be incorporated into material selections, or fixtures,” she advises. Picture your new kitchen with a marble countertop skimming the surface of a wooden butchers block sitting simultaneously below glass cabinets under the glow of a brass lighting fixture.

“Heavier textured materials, graphic prints on fabrics or wallpapers, and geometrics” will all be big in 2016, adds Gallop. Allow yourself to swoon over geometric tiles as you picture them adding personality to your backsplash or a flourish below your feet.

Visual interest can be created by incorporating texture, pattern and a variety of materials. Adding throw pillows is one way, Gallop suggests, to keep your abode on trend, and decor for the upcoming year is making it easy for homeowners to update in style. Sofas with mismatched cushions, upholstery and textiles play well to the theme of ‘anything goes’ as any pattern, pop of colour or unusual print you’ve been eyeing up can make its home in your house in the form of a cushion. It’s a low cost and quick change that allows you to keep your home feeling fresh and up-to-date.

Floral patternsare back in bloom but instead of the soft, frilly flowers that undoubtedly adorned your bedspreads, armchairs and too many walls in your childhood home, the florals of the future are darker, more dramatic, and often come packed with a punch of colour.

“It’s easy to add fabrics and wallpapers to enhance existing schemes,” says Gallop. With florals and geometrics gaining in popularity, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect pattern for an outdated space.

Gold made a comebackin recent years and it continues to kick around. When mixed with white or modern patterns, it’s become a desired addition without feeling dated. Metallics continue to bring an interesting element to an otherwise lacklustre space.

While technology may be fuelling and fast-tracking some of the trendier pieces you put in your home, it may also inspire you to pull away from staring at your screen all day. Instead of over-sharing, we’ll crave solitude, creating places of sanctuary that don’t require us to put in much effort. We’ll ditch the desire for perfect and choose to be comfortable instead. The focus previously put on entertaining and impressing will give way to new spaces designed for reconnecting and reenergizing.

Whether it’s a bold renovation or a few colourful, textured accessories, you can spruce up your home, mix and match your paints and patterns and start the new year off in a stylish way.


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