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Wedding Story: Imraj and Sonia

24 Nov, 2015

    Q: How did you meet?

    A: We became friends through Facebook.

    Q: What do you love most about one another?

    A: We both love that we have a good sense of humour, we don’t take ourselves too seriously - and that’s why we mesh so well with one another.

    Q: Could you share your proposal story?

    Sonia: I had previously mentioned to Imraj that, as a child, I had a really fond memory with my family at Deep Cove. One day he decided that he wanted to take me on a picnic, he did not tell me where but as we got closer he told me that we were going to Deep Cove. We set up our picnic; he forgot the blankets in the car and was taking a very long time to get them. I was beginning to get a little impatient wondering why it took him so long. He began to lay the blankets down on the grass and suddenly said, “Ouch there’s a rock in my shoe”. Before I knew it, he was on one knee and had taken the “rock” out of his shoe. He asked me to marry him and of course I said yes!

    Q: Describe your wedding day. What was your favourite moment?

    A: Sitting next to each other at the Gurdwara knowing that this was the moment that we had been waiting for. 

    Q: Could you tell us about your reception?

    A: We got married on the day of the biggest windstorm in the past 10 years. Everyone pulled through for us and managed to get everything ready. We all didn’t have power for a few hours, including our hall, however everything worked out in the end. The power came back on and we entered our reception hall as if nothing happened. Our reception was a huge success and we all had an amazing time.

    Q: Can you describe your outfits?

    Imraj: I wore a custom-made achkan from Frontier. It was of a champagne colour with antique gold embroidery, my plum pagg and paala coordinated quite nicely. Sonia wore a custom-made lehenga from Frontier, champagne blouse with antique gold embroidery on the sleeves and the back. Her net chooni was very simple and matched her plum lehenga. Her inspiration for the outfit came from the old Mughal look.

    Q: Where did you honeymoon?

    A: Grenada.

    Q: What are your goals as a couple?

    A: To provide each other with love and support no matter what.

    Q: What are your favourite quotes?

    A: “Unagi is a state of total awareness, only by achieving true unagi can you be prepared for any danger that may befall you” – Ross Geller

    “Now I may be an idiot, but there is one thing that I am not, and that, sir, is an idiot” – Peter Griffin

    Q: What are the strengths of your marriage?

    A: We’re very easy going people, so being open and honest is not a problem for us as a couple. 

    Q: If you could provide any advice to other married couples, what would it be?

    A: We were given this advice, on our honeymoon, from a couple who has been married for 20 years - Never stop dating your spouse.


    Photo Credit: A Master Media


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