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Diwali For the First-Timers

By Anjum Choudhry Nayyar, 19 Oct, 2017
  • Diwali For the First-Timers

Three tips for those celebrating the festival for the first time this year

Known as the Festival of Lights, Diwali unites people from around the world in a celebration of the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and hope over despair. Many South Asians celebrate, and this year it falls on October 19. No matter your faith, everyone can share in the joy of Diwali by coming together with family and friends. 
Here’s my advice and tips for those celebrating for the first time this year.

Sharing the light

True to its name, Diwali is a time when those celebrating the occasion decorate their homes with lit diyas and other festive lights. Light is a symbol of unity and an invitation for 
everyone to share in the joy of the festival. If you’re attending a Diwali celebration, consider taking a personally designed diya or another light source as a gift to the host. It is also customary to celebrate with neighbours with 
some backyard fireworks.

Get cooking

A meatless celebration, Diwali is known for its sweets, snacks and savoury treats. Mithai and samosas are among the many food items that are typically prepared, along with sweets such as mohanthal and patishapta. These may sound difficult to make, but finding the ingredients is as easy as visiting your local Real Canadian Superstore or No Frills locations where you can pick up authentic South Asian brands along with the rest of your 
groceries at low prices. 

Prepare your home 

The lead up to Diwali includes a thorough cleansing of the home, so why not use it as an opportunity for a fall cleaning? Take inventory of what you need and what you can part with. It’s a Diwali ritual to clean and decorate with flowers and candles or even fresh paint. During Diwali, celebrants pay particular attention to the rangoli, which is made at the entrance to a home, and often decorate it with vibrant colours or flowers. A bright potted plant at your front door is the perfect Diwali addition.
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The Big Diwali Releases

The Big Diwali Releases

Diwali festivities are truly not complete for a cinephile if it is not complemented with an outing to cinema halls to catch a film with family and friends. 

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Don’t Skip the Date

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Teaching Kids Personal Finance

Money can often be a taboo subject to discuss, but it’s important for parents to take charge and teach their children about personal finance and money management. When it comes to teaching your child about money, where do you start? According to the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC), it is best “to start teaching children about money when they’re young. If you start early, you can build on their knowledge as they grow.”

Rally Against Racism

Rally Against Racism
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