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Make Vaisakhi memorable

By Anoop Virk, 13 Apr, 2018
  • Make Vaisakhi memorable

Here are five ways to make Vaisakhi memorable this year!

Vaisakhi has been an important festival and day of celebration for most of us growing up. We have early childhood memories of going to the temple, seeing motorcycles drive by in the parade, and the whirlwind of smells and colours with people cheering, dancing and singing. As we get older, we want to keep this spark and excitement alive. Here are five ways to make Vaisakhi memorable this year!

#1 Volunteer at the Temple

Vaisakhi is one of the busiest days at the temple, so lend a helping hand! If you have some skills in the kitchen, you can roll up your sleeves and assist in prepping the food, or cooking the main dishes. If you don’t feel comfortable being in charge of the food, you can help serve. Taking some time out of your day to help will make you feel like you’re contributing to the celebration.

#2 Bring Your Friends to The Vaisakhi Parade

Vaisakhi is a great day to celebrate! Put down your books and to-do lists, and enjoy the time with your loved ones. This is a great celebration to live in the present and enjoy life to the fullest. Invite your friends to the parade, and you all can dress up and celebrate together.

#3 Share Your Sweets with Co-workers and Classmates

Just like Halloween, your house will be filled with sweets and desserts. Share the festive spirit and bring some sweets for your co-workers or classmates to try. This will be a great opportunity to talk about what Vaisakhi means to you, and celebrate with the people around you.

#4 Learn To Cook a Traditional Dish

This is a great opportunity for you to step into the kitchen and learn from your elders. If you’ve been waiting to learn how to make the perfect roti or palak paneer, this is your chance to see how it’s done. There are so many opportunities during Vaisakhi to watch and learn how to make chai and your other favourite dishes. Then next year, you can lead the cooking team.

#5 Purchase a New Outfit

Going shopping and buying a special outfit can definitely bring some excitement to this special day! This is a perfect occasion to spend time with your friends or your family, and have a day for yourself where you can choose what new outfit you want to rock. Getting glammed up with a new outfit and jewellery will sure get you in the mood to dance and socialize. 
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Anoop Virk is one of Canada’s Top 20 Under 20, a Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leader, BC’s 24 Under 24, and an Ambassador for the Minerva Women’s Foundation. She was invited to Rideau Hall by the Prime Minister and Governor General for the celebration of exceptional Canadian service, and was selected to give a gift to the Royal highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. At the age of 21, Anoop has connected with some of the most influential movers and shakers around the world - Ndaba Mandela, Chelsea Clinton, Prince William and Kate, and Stephen Harper,to name a few.


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