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Less Is A Bore: 10 Ways To Rock The Maximalism Décor Style!

Shweta Kulkarni Darpan, 29 May, 2023
  • Less Is A Bore: 10 Ways To Rock The Maximalism Décor Style!

From bold statement walls to vintage finds and quirky accessories, the possibilities with maximalism are endless. Here’s how you can pull off this eclectic décor trend.

Tired of playing safe when decorating your home? Well, say hello to the maximalism décor! Defined by the philosophy — More is definitely more, the maximalism décor celebrates excess, as opposed to the popular minimalism style.

Bursting with energy, maximalism style brings together layers of peppy colours, bold patterns, textures, and a variety of decorative pieces, to create a visually rich environment that resonates with your vibe.  It's unapologetic and involves pushing boundaries to create a unique and personalized look. 

Picture this: walls covered in vibrant colours, intricate wallpaper, and every surface adorned with a mix of bold artwork and decorative pieces. From traditional rugs to vintage chandeliers to neon signs — Maximalism is all about surrounding yourself with pieces that invoke happiness.

But make no mistake, maximalism does not entail haphazardly throwing together every item available in your room and calling it a day. Rather, maximalism is all about delicately selecting different pieces and finding a balance between them, which further contributes to the overall aesthetics, without tipping over into chaos.

So, are you ready to embrace your inner maximalist and have some fun? Keep reading to discover how to master maximalist aesthetics…

Embrace Colours

Colour is undoubtedly the hallmark of maximalist design. Be intentional about your colour choices, instead of incorporating every colour imaginable into your décor, start with a basic colour palette and build on it from there. In maximalism: ‘bold is better’. So, paint your walls in a bold hue, mix different colours throughout the space, and use contrasting hues to create a dynamic atmosphere. When decorating, make sure your furniture, artwork and decorative items are in your chosen colour scheme. 

Deck Up Your Walls

A maximalism décor is incomplete without gallery walls. It's a curated collection of art pieces, photos and decorative items that reflect your personality. We are talking maximalism here, so obviously more is merrier. Don't shy away from mixing and matching different types of art pieces, frames, and canvases with unexpected elements like masks, mirrors, plaques, and shelves to create a visually astounding gallery wall that can add oomph to your maximalist space.

Make Old Meet New

Picture this: you walk into a room where old and new seamlessly blend; an antique cabinet having its moment alongside a neon sign, while a sleek glass coffee table stands proudly on an intricately patterned rug. This is maximalism decor at its finest – a bold and youthful approach to design that celebrates the joy of mixing the old with the new.

Go Berserk With Books

Maximalism embraces your book collection with open arms, allowing you to display as many books as you please. Don't stop at books alone; mix and match textures and colours by stacking books and topping them with a small flower vase or displaying framed photos on the shelves. Let your bookshelves reflect your style and love for all things literary.

Play With Patterns

Try combining floral printed wallpaper with a striped rug, it creates a knowing clash that adds character and visual interest to a room. Experiment with different scales, colours, and textures. Patterned throw pillows, rugs, and curtains are all great opportunities to incorporate patterns into your maximalist décor. The goal is to create a space that feels lively and energizing, while still maintaining a sense of balance and harmony. 

Don’t Forget The Ceiling 

In maximalism decor, every inch of a room is an opportunity to add colour, texture, and personality; the ceiling, of course, is no exception. Consider using unique materials such as wallpaper, metallic tiles, or vibrant paint, which complement the other four walls in the room. Lighting fixtures like bold chandeliers and playful pendant lights can also play a significant role in maximizing the ceiling's impact. 

Let There Be Light

Nothing accentuates the boldness and extravagance of maximalism décor than lighting fixtures. Statement pieces like chandeliers, oversized pendant lights, and sculptural table lamps can create a dramatic effect in your space. Mix and match different styles of lighting fixtures, such as vintage and modern elements or vibrant colours and patterns, to create a unified look. 

Power Of Plants

Indoor plants aren't just for minimalism, they can also spruce up your maximalist space. Incorporating plants in maximalism decor can add a lush and natural element, while enhancing the aesthetic. Mix up the sizes, shapes, and colours of plants, from hanging to tall leafy ones, to create a vibrant atmosphere. Choose bold and decorative planters to complement the maximalist style, and place them on shelves, mantels, or tables to add layers to your decor. 

Don’t Ignore The Windows 

Windows are an integral part of maximalist décor and can be used to add drama and amplify the maximalist vibe. Patterned or textured curtains in rich, vibrant colours can create a luxurious and eye-catching effect. Roller shades are also a versatile and stylish option for maximalist window treatments. Layering multiple window treatments with decorative hardware can add depth and dimension to your space. 

Keep Everything Cohesive

Maximalist style, it's all about showcasing your unique personality. But, it's also important to create a unified look to nail your décor.  Start by choosing a standout colour and incorporating it into different elements of your space, like chairs or curtains. This will help create balance and cohesiveness. Keeping your space symmetrical is also key to avoiding visual chaos when layering on more patterns and colours. So, unleash your creativity and mix and match to your heart's content, just remember to stay connected.  



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