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By Mrinalini Sundar , 24 Mar, 2021
  • Uplift your mood

Get Through Covid-19 With These Simple Changes To Your Houses' Interiors!

It is almost a year since Covid hit us yet our lockdowns, travel restrictions, and quarantines don't seem to come to an end. While we hope the nightmare ends this year, what do we do while stuck at home? We have an idea- let us channelize our inner interior designer and convert our homes into a little paradise. After all, we will be spending the most time at home. By adding the right colours, elements, and textures you can convert your home into a pleasant space for yourself and your mind. Here are a few pointers on how you can give your house a little makeover.

Nature hues are a rage

Natural shades are pleasant and ideal to give your house a new look. It is easy to meet this - diverse textures, eclectic furnishings, accents, and fabrics. The idea is to be minimalist, have warm textures like wood, linens, and cotton, etc. You can also play around with rugs and tiles but keep in mind to keep the space simple.


Yellow and grey are here to stay

As per the latest interior design trends - yellow and grey are two colours that bring some pop to the house. There are several ways you can make your house bright - yellow Moroccon carpets, yellow cushion covers on a grey sofa set, bright yellow and grey walls, yellow vases, or centerpieces. Bring some colour to the kitchen as well with yellow flowers to a more white/grey kitchen set-up. The easiest way to put in place these colours is by getting a grey and yellow canvas painting.

Calming green indoors

Growing house plants is an excellent way to give your house a soothing atmosphere. It is also a great way to pass some time, speak to your plants, and give the house some positive energy. From orchids, indoor trees, to hanging flower arrangements - natural green elements are always good for the house. For low maintenance, plants try succulents, money plants, and other tiny plants. This also gives you an opportunity to get creative and arrange the plants aesthetically. From planters. Besides plants, flowers can also be a good way to bring some natural beauty to the house. Splurge on fragrant flowers such as roses, lilies, freesia, and geraniums in beautiful vases for the house. We bet it will make you happy!


Keep it chic with natural grass

Pampas grass can bring your house a boho, chic look and feel. Use an oversized vase and use white natural pampas grass. Keep this vase in the living room and it immediately lifts the mood. You can also have one like this for the dining table. Turn your bathroom into a spa zone with some pampas grass at a corner. If you are wishing to match the interiors of the room, you could also buy pink pampas grass. They bring with them a cozy, natural texture and a boho-chic look. Anything neutral can add beauty to your room so as they connect the all-white set-up to an earthy-neutral tone. As for how much grass is too many grasses? Get a bouquet - about 8 to 10 stems.

Personalise your home office

Since a lot of your time is will be spent in the office space, make sure it is the best place for you to work. Keep it clutter-free, add some plants, a coaster for your drink, and pens. You could also add pictures of your loved ones, or motivational stickers to keep you going during the day.


Aqua shades for walls

A big trend for the year is to get the walls painted aqua green. With all of us being stuck indoors for almost ever, what one needs is some uplifting interiors. Add a pinch of blue to the walls and it is sure to make things a lot more positive and optimistic. The aqua green comes in different shades and any of those shades are perfect if you are looking to give your house a facelift. Universally, blue is a colour that can bring with it calmness, hope, reduce heart rates, and a tranquil setting to the house. The warm neutral blue is warm, comforting, and can be uplifting during tough times.

Bring about these small changes to your house and witness your house turn into a paradise during these touch lockdown days. After all, home is where the heart is! 



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