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Timeless fashion for spring

Mrinalini Sundar Darpan, 28 Mar, 2023
  • Timeless fashion for spring

Spring is a few months away, and it is time to spruce up your wardrobe with timeless spring fashion. Biker jackets, plaid shackets and timeless trench coats -- bring them back from your closet and mix-and-match for the upcoming season. Here are a few things you could look into...

Chic-plaid shackets

A shirt-jacket hybrid, shackets have become the cool girl item. While it made a  big splash last year, this year, too, it is a hot have among girls. One can pair them with a fitted blouse and jeans or can even wear them with loose tees and trousers. Mostly a boyfriend style-fit, plaid shackets are the perfect clothing item for a casual day outing. 

Leather jackets

Classic leather jackets never go out of style. From oversized ones to fitted styles - the biker chic look is the go-to style statement to look cool. The only trick here is to style it nicely. If you wear a black leather jacket, go for a sleek all-black look. You could try a worn-in style if your leather jacket has aged well. Pair these jackets with turtlenecks, wide trousers, a vest or even a plaid mini skirt.

Quilted Shirts

Quilted shirts are a spring fave for many. While the shirts can be a little tacky, if you wear the right fit and pair it well, you can make a statement with this look. This one, too, can be worn with oversized trousers, and tees and pair it with cool shoes. It is a versatile shirt, depending on how you want to style them.

Timeless trench coats

Another timeless fashion that never goes out of style is trench coats. You have them in belts, buttons and various colours and prints that one can use to add a touch of class to your look. Mostly worn with fitted trousers, this item of clothing is so stylish that it can elevate your look. Ensure you wear that right footwear, though, and keep your accessories minimal.

Cashmere cardigans

The soft knits in button down, V, round, and turtle neck styles are a classic. You could even skip your regular tops to wear this for a classy look. And the best part is that these cashmere cardigans are available in so many colours and styles that one can wear them for dinner, a party or even for a date.

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