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Service Beyond Profits : DHOT GROUP Group of Certified Experienced Professionals

Darpan News Desk Darpan, 28 Nov, 2022
  • Service Beyond Profits : DHOT GROUP Group of Certified Experienced Professionals

Business is both a science and an art. 

Amrit Dhot of the Dhot Group has not only mastered this art through his breadth of experiences, but also continues to spread it across industries. Dhot Group is a marketing firm committed to providing services to clients, through the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) formats. As the bridge between clients and business, Dhot Group’s top most priority is providing the best possible services with its certified professionals team.

 With a background of Masters in Commerce, Corporate Management, and Web Centric Computing from India’s National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT), alongside other diplomas, Dhot came to Canada in 2008 as a Permanent Resident (PR) and began working in the financial industry. Just a year later, Dhot kickstarted his own company, amidst and despite the national recessionary phase. Given his skill sets, the business saw immense success. Dhot continually updated his credentials and accreditations, attending reputed institutions like the UBC Sauder School and BCIT. What started as a business in marketing in financial instruments has now grown to encompass a variety of fields including consulting, education and placement, finance, media, real estate, sales and marketing, security, telecom, tech and web solutions, wholesale and development.

For over a decade, Dhot has consistently made significant strides, like his partnership in bringing Pollywood and Bollywood superstars to Vancouver through large-scale shows. Dhot Group is also partnered with India’s leading investor and Shark Tank India’s Startup Ecosystem Advisor, Mumbai-based Venture Catalysts; the organization is ranked India’s #1 and the world’s #2, among most active early stage investor companies, as per 2021 rankings. Moreover, the business tycoon has multiple developments in his pocket across BC. Dhot Group, further, is a wholesaler and distributor for recognizable brands like Pooja, 5AAB, Tamba, and ADH, with many more coming. Truly embodying the entrepreneurial spirit, Dhot Tech is also reaching new heights. Beyond his business ventures, the involved father of two has also been a Delta District Parents Advisory Council Representative since years.

Reflecting upon his professional journey, Dhot highlights, “What sets Dhot Group apart is that we are not money-minded. I believe that if you work, money will come to you. I don’t work for money. I work for people.” Despite facing challenges, Dhot has always emphasized karma and honesty as his mantras for success. The noble citizen began his charity work in his college days, as a post-holder and active member of DAV (PG) College Dehradun’s Student Union, and the passionate consultant continues his charitable efforts today by voluntarily helping newcomers and the larger community in Canada.

Full of positivity, Dhot is immensely grateful to his family and well-wishers for their support, especially thanking his wife, Sarika, for standing by him through thick and thin. With a zest for keeping busy and dedication to building his portfolio, Dhot is a role-model in the business world. Evident through his customer-oriented approach, Dhot Group is a standing testament to flawless service and complete customer satisfaction. 


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