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8 Winter Decorations ideas to cozy up your Home

Darpan News Desk Darpan, 23 Nov, 2022
  • 8 Winter Decorations ideas to cozy up your Home

What’s the winter season without bringing some festive cheer to your homes? Winter is here and a better way to ring in the mood is by giving a seasonal facelift to your homes.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, jazz up your décor, for, a change in the house is sure to perk up your mood. You could work around with DIY projects or do up your homes with Christmas décor that is sure to get you in the holiday mood. Read on.

Light it up

Fairy lights, Christmas lights or pretty string ones – lights can magically transform your house. And with the festive season around the corner, it is imperative to deck up your house with lights. Start with the outdoors first as lights give the necessary facelift to your entrance. For indoors, of course, get creative when using these lights. You can use empty wine bottles and stock them with small fairy lights. Outline the stairs in your homes with these string lights and you can even perk up your living and bedroom by creatively using these lights.

Winter Greenery

Get pinecone jars or Christmassy planters for plants that can sail through the cold season. A green look can never go wrong, but ensure the planters give a festive vibe. Put them in areas you haven’t already decked up with Christmas décor. Even if you are having a minimalistic Christmas look, these festive planters change the look of your house. What’s more? You can keep these plants all through the year.

Dine in Style

Deck up your dining table and get festive with your Chinaware. One can start by going with a colour theme – gold and white or silver and white. And then, bring your small decorations to the dining table. You can put cute hangings on your chair, a fresh sheet of dining table cloth, natural pine cones in a jar or a bowl, candle stands and elegant metallics should do the trick. You could even tie your cutlery with ribbons. Try not to add too many colours to your dining table as it might look cluttered.

Bring the Christmas Vibe to your Living Room

What’s the festive season without a tree and Xmas décor in your living room? You could either go big or go minimalistic – either way, add charm to your living room by decking up the room the way you want to. A pretty Christmas tree with a sparkling star on top, handmade wooden decorations, colours socks displayed, gifts packed in unique wrappers and quirky hangings to spruce up your room. If you want to do away with the tree, there is always the “books” Christmas tree for those bookworms, table-top trees and tiny ones that you can set up in a corner.  All you need to do is get innovative and get quirky.  

DIY Gratitude Box 

This season starts at the end of the year, which means you’ve lived through various moments throughout that year. Do a little DIY project by creating an end-of-the-year box, a gratitude jar or letters to Santa box for the season. Get your loved ones and family members to write little notes with their names and ask them to put them in a box. On New Year’s Eve, sit together with a hot cup of chocolate milk and read them out.

Adorn Your Walls


Wall hangings or wall décor in general could be tricky as one might have already done up their walls. But for the season, you could always add winter charm to your walls by getting décor that is in tune with the season. A wooden Christmas tree hanging, experimenting with tree branches on your wall, colourful stockings or adding a classic wreath does wonders for your walls.

Floral Explosions

Be it real or plastic flowers, flowers can liven up a room in no second. Get a nice vase and place them in different areas in your house – living room, bedroom, corner tables – and stock them with pretty flowers. Ensure you buy flowers that blend well with the overall décor of the house you’re going in for. For instance, if your living room is minimalistic, you can dramatize the flowers and vice versa.

Scent Your Homes

Oh yes, this is the time of the year when scented candles are on big discounts. Grab the opportunity to stock up on candles and place them in your homes. You could create a small corner and light up three candles in the living room. You could also do a similar one in your bedroom. For the dining table, place the candles in the centre. It is important to buy candles that go well with your décor. You can’t pop a shiny one when the entire décor of the room is colourful, right? So, plan and choose scents that you can tolerate through the evening.



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