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Revamp Your Bathroom

By Shweta Kulkarni, 18 Sep, 2019

    Give a new lease of life to your bathroom on a budget

    The bathroom irrefutably is one of the most intimate, and after the kitchen, one of the most important spaces of your house. This is one room where you not only spend some private time but also where ‘eureka moments’ can actually transpire. Hence, it is all the more important to keep it well-maintained and occasionally even spruce up its look. And the good news is; it needn’t necessarily be an expensive affair. Yes, you don’t have to always burn a hole in the pocket to remodel your bathroom. If you tread wisely, you won’t end up spending a fortune to give your washroom a makeover.

    Read on to find out how to give a new lease of life to your bathroom and that too on a budget…

    1. Upcycle/Save Whatever You Can

    The first and foremost rule of renovating or remodelling any space in your pad on a budget is to try to either upcycle or save what’s already there. Because while you may want to upscale your bathroom, chances are it may not really be screaming for a complete makeover. So, try to keep what can be salvaged. Often some things just need a little bit of servicing, so make your moves wisely instead of just randomly changing everything. If your bathroom just needs a new look there are cheaper alternatives to do so, like changing the colour of your existing suite. One can even spray paint the tiles with specialised products to achieve a fresh new look, at a small cost. The most important thing to remember while remodelling your washroom on a tight budget is to try and maintain the existing plumbing layout if possible.

    2. Upgrade The Fixtures

    A small change also has the potential to make a big impact, and this rule can easily apply to your bathroom suite as well. So, if replacing your bathtub, shower or sink is completely out of your budget, then focus on small details that can instantly give a new lease of life to your bathroom. You can upgrade your fixtures like the faucets, knobs, handles, lights, towel racks, drawer pulls, without actually spending a bomb. And voila, your bathroom will instantly have a certain kind of newness to it.

    3. Don’t Go Overboard With Tiling

    Whether you like it or not, tiling work for your bathroom is an expensive business, and if you limit the use of tiles, you’ll end up saving big bucks. Experts advise that restricting tiles usage in your washroom only to high-impact areas like the floor and where water is splashed, will drop the washroom renovating cost drastically. For the shower area, one can consider installing the shower wall waterproof panelling systems, which are not only easy to install but also easy on the pocket and an attractive alternative to tiling. For the rest of the space, a good quality mold resistant paint can do wonders.  

    4. Add Space With A New Mirror

    So, you have been hoping that you had a bigger washroom? Well, the simplest way to increase the perception of space and make your bathroom look more spacious is to replace your old mirror with a large one. A large mirror is a wonderful addition to any room and can help it look twice as big. Apart from creating the illusion of space, mirrors can also make your space look brighter. Opt for a statement piece that can actually give some character to your bathroom.  

    5. Ditch Expensive Glass Shower Enclosures

    When you are renovating your washroom on a budget, it is all about making smart choices. And opting for shower curtains as opposed to expensive shower enclosures is the wisest thing you can do when remodelling your bathroom. By doing so, you will not only save a ton of money but also add the much-needed softness and warmth to your washroom.

    6. Spruce Up The Vanity

    One of the major eye-catching elements in any bathroom is the sink and the vanity area. Try to either upgrade your vanity or spruce up the existing one with some DIY project. You can transform your existing vanity with spray paint or new hardware. You can even repurpose some existing old piece of furniture into a unique vanity.

    7. Accessorize

    The best way to spruce up anything in life is to accessorize it. Likewise, some pretty, beautiful accessorizing for your bathroom can instantly freshen up the look of your space. Invest in some stylish soap sets, dress up the window sills with potted plants or fresh flowers, get some scented candles and give some character to your bathroom walls either with some artwork or quirky posters.



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