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Timeless Furniture Trends

By Shweta Kulkarni, 23 Jul, 2019

    8 Classic Pieces That Will Never Go Out Of Style

    Decorating a home is an expensive business and one almost ends up spending a fortune on furniture. What’s more, keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing furniture trends not only burns a huge hole in your pockets but is also an extremely stressful affair. However, the good news is that one can be rescued from this quandary and still manage to have a stylish space without having to actually go bankrupt always. How? By investing wisely in some furniture that will never go out of style. Yes, there are some classic furniture pieces that can never be dethroned, irrespective of the time, style of interior or space.

    Here’s our pick of timeless furniture pieces that will never go out of fashion.

    Chesterfield Sofa

    Supposedly named after Lord Philip Stanhope, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, who wanted a piece of furniture that men could sit on without creasing their suits, this iconic couch is still as popular today as it was way back in the 1800s. The best thing about this aristocratic sofa is that it suits any style of interiors and looks as elegant in contemporary setting as it does in a royal palace. So, if you wish to add a dash of lasting royalty and elegance to your living area, then a Chesterfield sofa is a must.

    Leather Club Chair

    Another type of chair that shall never go out of style is the sophisticated leather club chair. The chair first originated in France and was called – ‘Fauteuil Confortable’, literally meaning comfortable chair. True to its original name, the leather club chair is extremely comfortable and is ideal for game rooms and any relaxing zones.

    Windsor Chair

    A hot favourite for centuries, the classic chair with its colonial vibe is still a staple in homes. Taking its name from the English town of Windsor, these wooden chairs consist of multiple thin, turned spindles that are attached to a solid, sculpted seat. Windsor chair, just like the Chesterfield sofa, complements a variety of interior schemes and is a keeper for years to come.

    Noguchi Coffee Table

    Consisting of just three elements – the glass top and two interlocking wooden base pieces – Noguchi Coffee Table is a perfect balance of art, design and simplicity. Designed by sculptor Isamu Noguchi, this mid-century classic piece is apt for any type of setting and looks simply brilliant. No wonder it won’t ever go out of style.

    Trestle Table

    Trust us, you won’t ever regret buying this piece of furniture. Despite its origin in the medieval times, a trestle table is still extremely popular and simply blends in any setting. Trestle table is a timeless piece that over the years has become more stylish and versatile. Go for a good quality timber trestle table, to ensure that it gives you a long-lasting company.

    Platform Beds

    If canopy beds don’t appeal to you, you can always invest in a platform bed. This durable and forever trending item is hailed for its simplicity and comfort. A Platform bed is versatile and can blend in any surrounding because of which it never goes out of fashion.

    Canopy Bed

    Originally designed for the royalties, over the years, this elegant piece of furniture has effortlessly found its way in contemporary homes. While a traditional canopy bed actually comes with a canopy of ornate drapes and fabrics, the modern-day revamped canopy bed includes just bare frames, which are sometimes styled with sheer romantic curtains. But whether it is contemporary styled or traditional, the fact is that a canopy bed with its imposing effect fits in any setting and also complements a variety of bedroom furniture items.

    Barcelona Chair

    Not all timeless furniture is really ancient. For instance, the Barcelona chair is rather a contemporary piece of furniture which has a classy appeal that will never go out of style. Influenced by the Roman folding chairs, the Barcelona chair was designed in 1950s and since then has been a popular go-to furniture for modern-contemporary settings. Sleek and elegant, the chair not only is comfortable but also has a luxury appeal to it. So, if have a liking for all things modern, you need to have this hallmark of modern design in your home.


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