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Autumn Must Haves

Seema Chandra , 22 Sep, 2014
    Chilly temperatures, gray skies and plenty of rain are what one can expect of Vancouver during the fall. However, this has never stopped us ladies from sporting our trendy coats, demure collection of boots, striking knit scarves, and adorable autumn hats; all the while toting around our chic and stylish umbrellas. Many mega fashion magazines including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar are already showcasing fashion “must have’s” for the fall. As fashion and beauty go hand in hand, this season’s hottest “must have’s” for makeup are metallic eye shadows, extreme lashes, a defined eyeline and a flawless complexion. 
    Metallic eye shadows are showing up on every fall fashion runway. Remember when you were a little girl and used to play with your mothers bright, shiny eye shadows? Well, this season’s metallics will definitely take you down memory lane. You can play with coppers, golds, silvers, blues, greens and platinum whites without looking like you crawled back into the early 90’s. Every single makeup company will be bringing out these colors. However, I always prefer the palettes. You have a variety of different colours in small quantities, so you are seldom stuck with them once the trend of the season is over. MAC is popular for their palettes because you get to choose the eyeshadows you like, while most of the other palettes are pre-set. This can be a little pricy so for the ladies that want to be fashionable without breaking the bank, you can try the Metallic Runway eyeshadow palette by Shany cosmetics, which can be purchased online.
    What better way to show off those metallic eyes than by accentuating them with lashes. This season, go strong! Try lashes with jewels, daring spider lashes or fun multi-colour and shimmery thick lashes. I am an advocate for MAC especially when it comes to lashes. Their lashes are high-quality and made from human hair. You can purchase full sets of lashes or choose to purchase a half set. If taken care of properly these will last for months and there are many styles and lengths to choose from. Although these can be expensive, the lashes are extremely comfortable. Ardell is also another great brand. Their lashes may be synthetic but they are quite comfortable and easier on your wallet. They don’t last as long as the MAC lashes, however for the price, you can’t go wrong here. 
    This season is also all about the lines; lining the insides of your eyes and along your lash line.I like to remember the 70’s when women had straight hair parted in the middle, wore rocking bell bottoms and wedges and lined only half of their bottom lashes. This look can be duplicated for this season – the eyeliner only, of course! Women have lined the insides of their eyes like this for centuries, so I’m surprised that this has just started trending. I like Prestige as a brand. Their eyeliners are easy to use as they apply nicely and seldom smudge. Another great one is Revlon Color Stay. (Although, ‘great’ would be an understatement, it’s absolutely amazing.) It glides on perfectly, does not irritate your eyes and it actually stays on. 
    We’ve made our eyes look amazing, now its time to wipe off any excess “fall out” from under your eyes and concentrate on making your lovely skin look even better. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, drinking plenty of water, getting enough shut-eye and exercise will contribute to healthy looking skin. However, when life gets stressful, we may not be able to maintain all of that, and that is why make-up is a godsend. A light moisturizer, primer, concealer and foundation will be the key to creating this look. Again as far as concealers go, I would go with MAC but Laurer Mercier Sweet Concealer is also a great contender. For foundations, I would try a higher end brand to avoid that cakey texture on your skin. Make up Forever has a nice line of foundations as does Estee Lauder. Finish up your look with some powder, blush and a setting agent, whether that is a translucent powder finish or a setting spray. Urban Decay has the All Nighter Setting spray or NYX Matte Finish Setting spray which are both reasonably priced and “hold’ very well. 
    There is no reason to feel gloomy in these upcoming cold months. But if you do, remember, shiny eyes, thick long lashes that are lined to perfection and gorgeous, porcelain smooth skin are the remedy. 

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