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Service. Solution. Satisfaction : J8 Plumbing & Heating

Darpan News Desk Darpan, 22 May, 2022
  • Service. Solution. Satisfaction : J8 Plumbing & Heating

There is no place like home. Our place of residence offers a sense of security, warmth, and an abundance of good memories that we hold dear to our hearts. While the people we share our time with make up an important element of what a home is, the physical structures of a house enables the solid functioning of a home’s technical features. Integral to these technical features is a home’s plumbing and heating system, powering everything from running water to heating and fireplaces.

Understanding the vital role of plumbing and heating in a home’s functionality, J8 Plumbing & Heating of J8 Ventures Inc., has been hard at work in the industry for the past five years. Although J8 Ventures Inc. spans into businesses like construction and real estate, the bread, butter, and passion of J8 Ventures Inc. lies in the plumbing and heating realms; the organization is also now venturing into the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning sector. J8 Plumbing & Heating works with numerous property management companies in the lower mainland, while also servicing restaurant chains and municipalities. The team provides services like preventive maintenance for stratas, commercial buildings, and residential homes, including excavation for water mains, sanitary mains, and storm drainage.

The Chief Executive Officer of J8 Plumbing & Heating, JJ Toor, is the organization’s lead technician and has been in the commercial service sector for 18 years. JJ has worked on all aspects of plumbing, heating, drainage, excavations, and complex systems over the course of his career. After garnering valuable experience, JJ launched his company with values that propel his unique organization in the right direction. Besides providing services to homeowners and the larger community.

JJ believes in providing education, in tandem with every plumbing and heating need, about better ways to maintain plumbing, drainage, and heating systems. JJ elaborates, “Our community has never been constructively educated on plumbing and heating. There are definitely things you can fix when they are broken. However, as opposed to a reactive approach, you can also be proactive and prevent problems from arising in the first place.”

JJ emphasizes that maintenance is crucial when it comes to the boilers and drainage system in any building. Servicing your heating or hot water boilers can extend the life of the appliance and also keep up the efficiency. Flushing your drainage system can ensure proper drainage and avoid backups that can otherwise lead to costly damages. J8 Plumbing & Heating can and has prevented failures of heating, hot water systems, drainage, and water lines by simply just keeping to a regular servicing schedule.

Additionally, JJ urges homeowners to look for signs like broken faucets and running toilets, which can result in dramatically high bills if a water meter is in the mix. He further shines light on the importance of keeping a home’s boiler in check. For instance, merely opening the window if a room is getting too much heat is not helpful, because a faulty boiler will still constantly keep running to achieve a desired temperature. Not to mention, gas bills will be quite heavy on the wallet. In such a situation, gas and oil is being continually burned and requires a professional set of eyes. “Look at your home as the human body. The pipes are the nerves and the boiler system is the heart. The flow must be smooth for optimal performance. Just as medical professionals are best fit to take on complications with the human body, our technicians are fully equipped to tackle issues with a home’s plumbing and heating systems.”, metaphorically explains JJ.

JJ accounts that he often notes issues come up the most during peak-use time periods, like the holidays, when there are cold temperatures at play. With regular maintenance, inconveniences at such important occasions and times can be avoided. With a robust team of ten qualified technicians, J8 Plumbing & Heating is committed to making the community’s homes better and helping homeowners live a comfortable life without constantly having to worry about technical issues.

Armed with both the skills and the drills, J8 Plumbing & Heating comes equipped with excavation capabilities and camera inspection tools, that professionals can easily put down drainages to accurately detect problems firsthand. Even if the goal is not an immediate system replacement, the team is happy to provide recommendations and share feasible time periods for homeowners to weigh alternate options. Moreover, hybrid solutions are available. For example, if your boiler malfunctions, a high efficiency boiler system can be implemented instead, which takes less energy to heat up the same amount of water and saves money in the long run.

“Some may say that my hot water tank will heat up without electricity, which is an advantage. However, what needs to be understood is that high efficiency alternatives work on demand, only using energy when needed. Hot water tanks are using energy whether you need the water or not.”, articulates JJ. He believes that high efficiency boilers will be the way of the future. By combining heating and hot water together with one high efficiency boiler and storage tank, on-demand systems are in high demand. In such a system, hot water calls are prioritized, which are subsequently flipped over to heating. Overall, you lose less and gain more.

Undoubtedly, JJ’s instrumental advice is the mark of a qualified technician and experienced industry leader, reflecting the importance of making the right pick when it comes to plumbing and heating solutions for the home. JJ’s advice entails picking the right professional who has the required credentials and knows how to represent themselves, “My technicians are uniformed and come in a fully tagged van. They wear booties on their shoes to keep clients’ homes clean, are polite, respectful, and leave the premises just how they found it. Our office is also a point of differentiation. Many plumbers may work from home and undercut businesses as they are not certified. However, people can go online and look up professionals with the Better Business Bureau to ensure proper accreditation. Google reviews are another great resource when picking a company. Ultimately, these things do matter and there are good plumbers out there.”

Above all, JJ suggests that the best plumbers can skillfully answer questions without hesitation. He asks consumers to look for quality, and not just price. Eventually, it pays off; a lower-priced organization may need to revisit the same problem multiple times if not properly managed, leading to higher costs due to multiple, repeated service calls. In addition, JJ points out the increasingly pressing issue of liability, especially for those that may indulge in taking on heating and plumbing tasks into their own hands. He describes that, nowadays, everything can be a liability in one way or another. Anything you touch in a home’s plumbing and heating system can become a liability as insurance companies may refuse coverage if work was not done by a licensed plumber. As such, the community should be cautious when deciding on a company so that projects and services can be carried out with utmost professionalism.

With companies like J8 Plumbing & Heating at the forefront, though, the public is certainly in good hands. JJ strives to bring a high level of education surrounding plumbing and heating back into our communities to get optimal efficiency and the best bang for your buck - right service, right solution! The committed professional realizes that while many newly educated plumbers prefer newer developments to service, there is a gap to be filled for existing homeowners. Surely, having J8 Plumbing & Heating on your side is bound to make your daily life smoother by having your plumbing and heating needs and issues taken care of. What’s better is that the team also offers rebate programs for high efficiency installments, as part of the FortisBC Trade Ally Network. Of course, in the case of any hiccups, the friendly faces at J8 Plumbing & Heating provide 24-hours emergency services.

With a bright future ahead, J8 Plumbing & Heating is also venturing into new townhomes and high rise projects as the company grows. Spearheaded by a fearless leader like JJ, the team is always ready for new challenges, thriving with experienced journeypersons and always training young apprentices to serve the community. Carrying over 40 years of combined experience in plumbing, heating and gas fitting, this locally-owned family business is truly committed to excellence, complemented by the motto of service, solution, and satisfaction.

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