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What's In Store For You This Year? 2023 Yearly Predictions By Georgia Nicols

Darpan News Desk Darpan, 02 Feb, 2023
  • What's In Store For You This Year? 2023 Yearly Predictions By Georgia Nicols

(March 21-April 19)

Element: Fire
Symbol: The Ram
Ruling Planet: Mars

Your Modus Operandi
Youíre a go-getter. You're honest because you don't have time to think of a lie. You crave adventure and the thrill of discovery. You like the outdoors and are a happy camper. You love hats, speed, the military, sunglasses, babies, animals, bonfires, arts and crafts, sports and above all winning! (You hate to lose.)

What is Happening?
This year you'll get richer! It's a fortunate year in personal terms as well as with your job. You'll be upbeat, energetic and optimistic. However, you will go through closets and storage spaces getting rid of what you no longer need. From June through October, you have terrific opportunities to socialize and take vacations. This is a fortunate year for you! Your self-confidence will increase and you will have more poise.

This year you are more confident and optimistic, which will make you more appealing! As the year wears on, and you become richer, this might be a sexy attraction for some. (Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success!) From June through October, you will free freer and confident. Expect a fun, exciting, socially charged summer!

Home & Family
Life with home and family will improve this year because youíre more confident and you feel richer. Because you're happier, relations with family members will be happier. Your increased income can promote gatherings, vacations and entertaining diversions. However, because you will be downsizing, it might signal a time for older children to leave the nest.

My Aries Mantra for 2023

Show me the money!!

My Lucky Days for 2023

January 25,26, 27
February 22, 23, 24
March 20, 22, 23
April 23, 28, 29
May 15, 16
June 11, 12, 13
July 8, 9, 10
August 5, 6
September 1, 2, 29, 30
October 26, 27
November 22, 23, 24
December 19, 20, 21

(April 20-May 20)

Element: Earth
Symbol: The Bull
Ruling Planet: Venus

Your Modus Operandi
You enjoy good wine, good food, good sex and a nice place to live. You want mortgage- free acreage. You have gourmet tastes. You have an amazing ability to make money. You are sensuous and tactile. You love beautiful things. Youíre the best parent because you know itís about a warm bed, three-square meals a day and staying solvent.

What is Happening?
This year you want more individual freedom. You will attract wealth, resources and important people to you. The spiritual dimensions of your life will be enriched. Real-estate will profitable. You will strengthen areas to protect yourself from future adversity. Recognition from others might come to you. Your health will be strong, and you will find it easy to be patient and persevering. Meanwhile, with lucky Jupiter in your sign, youíve got it made in the shade.

There will be a shift in your relationships this year because you have decided youíre going to take time for yourself. This means it will be a time of testing for some relationships. You might decide to end some relationships. Nevertheless, once lucky Jupiter enters your sign, you will become happier, more congenial and more confident!

Home & Family
This year you have more time for loved ones. Because youíll put a greater value on your own independence, youíll have more time with family members. In June, July, August, September and October, you will entertain more and enjoy making your home more beautiful. Relations with family will be more affectionate.

My Taurus Mantra for 2023

I appreciate my blessings and good fortune!

My Lucky Days for 2023

January 1, 2, 28, 29
February 24, 25
March 23, 24, 25
April 20, 21
May 17, 18, 19
June 13, 14, 15
July 10, 11, 12
August 7, 8
September 3, 4, 5
October 1, 2, 28, 29, 30
November 24, 25, 26
December 21, 22, 23

(May 21-June 20)

Element: Air
Symbol: The Twins
Ruling Planet: Mercury

Your Modus Operandi
You want to know whatís happening in your back yard and across the globe. The price of the new Tesla? Air fryer meals? The rarest M&M colour? You hate to be bored or ignored. You adore words, and are an engaging conversationalist. Youíre clever with your hands. Youíre intrigued with gadgets; but most of all -- you need your freedom!

What is Happening?
This year you will experience success in your career and public reputation. Opportunities will arrive! Perhaps a promotion? An award? Your past efforts will be acknowledged. You will be popular with friends and organizations. Many of you will work to make the world a better place. You might focus on the spiritual or religious dimensions of your life, and study metaphysics, astrology or anything that gives you answers. You might become a spiritual teacher or guide.

Some will undergo major changes in your closest relationships because this year, you see what is working and what is not. Some will end a partnership. Others will face the challenge of your partner accepting your increased success and prestige. However, relations with others will be positive and upbeat! Be careful not to be so involved with your success, that you overlook personal relationships.

Home & Family
You might find it challenging to find the time for home and family because you have increased responsibilities. Your mantle of success will demand your time and attention. However, if youíre aware of this, you can make whatever time you devote to your family be as meaningful as possible. This is an eventful year for you.

My Gemini Mantra for 2023

My time of harvest has arrived!!

My Lucky Days for 2023

January 2, 3, 4, 30, 31
February 26, 27, 28
March 25, 26, 27
April 22, 23, 24
May 19, 20, 21
June 16, 17, 18
July 13, 14, 15
August 9, 10, 11
September 5, 6, 7
October 3, 4, 30, 31
November 1, 26, 27, 28
December 24, 25, 26

(June 21-July 22)

Element: Water
Symbol: The Crab
Ruling Planet: Moon

Your Modus Operandi
You hold the world together. You grow food, cook food, and serve it on the table you built. You fix engines, care for the sick, and entertain everyone with your fabulous sense of humour. You love boating, marinas, motor repairs, fishing and swimming. Youíre a talented photographer; plus, you can sew and do carpentry. You fix things!

What is Happening?
This year you look successful and affluent. Your popularity with others will increase! You will strike up new friendships and become more involved with groups. This summer, you will attract money and material possessions to you. In March, Saturn moves into Pisces. (The last time this occurred was 1994-1996.) This means itís time to lay the groundwork for your time of harvest, which will begin in two years. You look good now -- but youíre going to look even better in 2026!

This is a fantastic year for relationships. Your positive appeal will attract new friends. As you explore new areas of thought, you will bump into like minds and form new friendships. Many of you will travel more, which will also introduce you to new people. You will also interact more with clubs and groups with year, politically or otherwise.

Home & Family
In the same way that relations wth others will improve this year; likewise, relations with family members will improve. Your success will bring you increased wealth and prestige, which will indirectly benefit family members. You might have more discretionary income to spend on loved ones, or take vacations.

My Cancer Mantra for 2023

I like being involved with more people.

My Lucky Days for 2023

January 5, 6, 7
February 1, 2, 3,
March 1, 2, 28, 29, 30
April 24, 25, 26
May 22, 23
June 18, 19, 20
July 15, 16, 17
August 11, 12, 13
September 8, 9, 10
October 5, 6, 7
November 1, 2, 3, 29, 30
December 1, 26, 27, 28

(July 23-Aug. 22)

Element: Fire
Symbol: The Lion
Ruling Planet: Sun

Your Modus Operandi

You are one of the most generous signs in the zodiac. You are dramatic, theatrical and know how to make an entrance. You are impossibly creative. You imagine movie ideas, plots for books and designs for sculptures. This is because youíre quick to see the big picture. Youíre the leader. Your enthusiasm and charisma inspire us!

What is Happening?

This year you might have to give up practical or financial support. Nevertheless, for the first time in 12 years, Jupiter will be at the top of your chart bringing promotions and public recognition. Your success will be obvious! In June, fair Venus will be in your sign until mid-October. (Unusual!) ) You will travel for pleasure, socialize and will look fabulous. Enjoy luncheons, dinners and social events. Plan ahead to make the most of this blessing!


Since 2020, your relationships have experienced tension and conflict. But this year, that time of testing is over! People want to be with you. You will socialize more. You might take vacations. Venus will be in your sign for June, July August, September and part of October making you charming, and keen to socialize. People will like you and you love to be adored.

Home & Family
You will be happier, which promotes good feelings at home. family might benefit from new perks. However, you might have Your to get along with less practical support this year, which means you have to come up with new survival skills, and put a new spin on things.

My Leo Mantra for 2023

I like this recognition!!

My Leo Lucky Days in 2023

January 7, 8, 9
February 4, 5, 6
March 3, 4, 5, 30, 31
April 1, 27, 28, 29
May 24, 25, 26
June 20, 21, 22
July 18, 19, 20
August 14, 15, 16
September 10, 11, 12
October 7, 8, 9
November 4, 5, 6
December 1, 2, 3, 29, 30

(Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Element: Earth
Symbol: The Virgin
Ruling Planet: Mercury

Your Modus Operandi
You're intelligent, clever and witty. You regale others with stories and facts in different accents or the perfect imitation of your boss or your mother-in-law. Youíre up on the latest about vitamins, grounding mats, ear candling and intermittent fasting. You're a news junkie and a researcher par excellence. You give your time because you find it rewarding to help others and be useful.

What is Happening?
This year Saturn will oppose your sign for the first time since 1994-1996, which might make you feel tired. Meanwhile, lucky Jupiter will be in your fellow Earth Sign, which will make your life so pleasant, youíll be tempted to relax and play. Opportunities to travel will abound. You will attract money and material resources. You will become more polished and knowledgeable, which promotes your success when Jupiter sits at the top of your chart in 2023-2024.

This year is a mixed bag for relationships. There will be a greater tendency to find fault with someone. You might question the relationship itself. Fortunately, Jupiter will enhance your feelings of well-being and boost your confidence. Whereas Saturn makes you feel discouraged and tired; Jupiter supporting your sign makes you feel pumped and optimistic!

Home & Family
If partnerships suffer this year, this can affect the entire family. However, most partnerships will endure after a period of adjustment. Jupiter will attract money, which will benefit family activities. You have great opportunities to travel. One thing is certain: starting in May, your sense of humour will improve, which is always a plus for family.

My Virgo Mantra for 2023

I'm eager to travel, learn and expand my world.

My Virgo Lucky Days for 2023

January 10, 11, 12
February 6, 7, 8
March 5, 6, 7
April 2, 3, 4, 20, 30
May 27, 28, 29
June 23, 24, 25
July 20, 21, 22
August 16, 17, 18
September 13, 14, 15
October 10, 11, 12
November 6, 7, 8
December 3, 4, 5, 31

(Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Element: Air
Symbol: The Scales
Ruling Planet: Venus

Your Modus Operandi
You appreciate stylish clothes, rich textiles, attractive stemware, elegant jewelry, fine linens, beautiful furniture, music, poetry and literature. You are affected by the world around you. You're a skilled debater. You understand the nuances of justice, and many of you work in the legal profession. Because you need peace and harmony, you're a people pleaser. You love to socialize.

What is Happening?
This year, you enter a time similar to 1994-1995. Itís time to put your life in order because in two years, you will gain recognition! (Start to work hard.) This is an excellent time to enter a business partnership because you will get richer through partners and colleagues. At first, it wonít be obvious; but sweeping changes for the best will occur that make your life more rewarding. Itís an excellent year to get a mortgage or a loan.

This is the perfect year to enter into a new relationship because you will benefit practically and emotionally. Your wealth will increase or you might benefit from something someone else owns. During the spring of this year, you might experiment romantically. You might feel bold about exploring ìdifferentî relationships that you havenít fully acknowledged before.

Home & Family
Challenges and burdens will diminish this year. Life will flow more easily. Your children will become a source of joy. The year will be a time of healing for you, which affect your relations with family in a positive way. You will work hard and be a role model. Younger people need to see that rewards based on work and effort.

My Libra Mantra for 2023

My life is enriched financially and practically
through others this year.

My Lucky Days for 2023

January 12, 13, 14
February 9, 10, 11
March 8, 9, 10
April 4, 5, 6
May 2, 3, 29, 30, 31
June 25, 26, 27
July 23, 24, 25
August 19, 20, 21
September 15, 16, 17
October 12, 13, 14
November 9, 10, 11
December 6, 7, 8

(Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Element: Water
Symbol: The Scorpion & the Eagle
Ruling Planet: Pluto

Your Modus Operandi
You are passionate, strong and determined. Youíre also playful, and you love to tease. You have excellent comedic timing. You face situations that others fear, like operating rooms. morgues, police work, being a first responder, or working in jobs dealing with butchery or death. Once you commit to a self-improvement kick ñ watch out world!

What is Happening?
This year you continue to attract opportunities to find a better job or improve your existing job and your health. It will help you to consult experts, lawyers, advisors and astrologers or enter into a partnership. From June to October, you look successful, diplomatic and charming to people in power. Saturn will help you to stay focused, organized and accomplish as much as you can. The combination of Jupiter and Saturn working in tandem this year will bring you increased recognition. Definitely.

This will be the best year for relationships in over a decade. (From May 2023 to June 2024 is the best time for Scorpios to get married in 12 years.) Those who marry this year will marry someone richer, slightly older or more established. You will respect this person and their accomplishments. This same blessing will benefit existing relationships.

My Scorpio Mantra for 2023

My life is so much easier this year!!

My Lucky Days for 2023

January 15, 16, 17
February 11, 12, 13
March 11, 12, 13
April 7, 8, 9
May 4, 5, 6, 31
June 1, 2, 28, 29, 30,
July 25, 26, 27
August 21, 22, 23
September 15, 16, 17
October 15, 16, 17
November 11, 12, 13
December 8, 9, 10

(Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Element: Fire
Symbol: The Centaur
Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Your Modus Operandi
You are the traveller of the zodiac. You travel for work, pleasure or both. You want to learn new things ñ new belief systems, philosophies, anomalies of nature and whatís happening in different lands. You are deeply fond of animals, especially your pets. You are an optimist who believes in the power of positive thinking. Your personal freedom is life affirming. You love good times with friends! Youíre always ready to take a chance.

What is Happening?
This year you have fabulous opportunities to improve your job or get a better job. If you don't believe this, you might not explore the wonderful opportunities available to you. Likewise, this year you can improve your health. From July until mid-October, you have marvellous opportunities to travel for pleasure. Your experience of the world will be broaden and you will be attracted to new people and experiences that are different from your own everyday world.

Even though some of the relationship you enjoy this year will be stimulating and very different; nevertheless, because you are building a new foundation in your world, it's important you seek serious relationships. At this stage in your life, you want to secure your home base, even if it's just a landing pad between your many travels.

Home & Family
It's time to secure your home base and create a reliable home and refuge for yourself and your family. Some of you might have the increased responsibility for taking care of a parent. Or you might play the role of a parent for another family member.

My Sagittarius Mantra for 2023

This year is full of opportunities and rewards!!

My Lucky Days for 2023

January 19, 20, 21
February 16, 17, 18
March 13, 14, 15
April 9, 10, 11
May 6, 7, 8
June 3, 4, 30
July 1, 2, 27, 28, 29,
August 24, 25, 26
September 20, 21, 22
October 17, 18, 19
November 13, 14, 15
December 11, 12, 13

(Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Element: Air
Symbol: The Water Carrier
Ruling Planet: Uranus

Your Modus Operandi
You're a practical realist. You think carefully about your future and you plan for it. You work hard. You hate waste. Nevertheless, because you value prestige and respect, you spend money on labels. When you choose to be you're classy! You are reliable, dependable and persevering all dogged qualities that guarantee success. You have traditional values.

What is Happening?
Since early 2020, many of you have felt financial disappointments. This year Jupiter in your fellow Earth sign will promote work-related travel and enhance financial opportunities! Many of you will make material acquisitions. Life will flow more easily. Meanwhile, you're entering a two to three-year window when many will change jobs or residences or both. Itís important to know that this is actually an advantage for you to plan ahead.

Without question, your relationships will improve in 2023. The main reason for this is that you will feel happier and more confident and because of this, you will appear more attractive to others. As your finances improve and you feel richer and more confident, this will promote your joy in socializing. You will be more inclined to reach out and initiate social interactions.

Home & Family
This is the best year in over a decade to plan for a family vacation. Anything from an ambitious trip to camping. Start now to make plans for you and your loved ones. Many of you will expand your family, if you have not already done so last year. Parents will derive greater joy from their children this year.

My Capricorn Mantra for 2023

I'm ready for happier times with the promise of a vacation!!

My Lucky Days for 2023

January 19, 20, 21
February 16, 17, 18
March 15, 16, 17
April 11, 12, 13
May 8, 9, 10
June 5, 6, 7
July 2, 3, 4, 30, 31
August 26, 27, 28
September 22, 23, 24
October 19, 20, 21
November 16, 17, 18
December 13, 14, 15

(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Element: Air
Symbol: The Water Carrier
Ruling Planet: Uranus

Your Modus Operandi
You are the most original sign in the zodiac. You know how to work a room. You're the clever, intellectual who plays devil's advocate. You were born 50 years ahead of your time. Many of you are geeks, wizards, scientists and comfortable with technology. You are often the voice of your generation, who works with the collective global village. You are a loyal friend.

What is Happening?
You will be so much happier this year! Life has been tough since March 2020. The struggles you survived are over. After March, you will feel younger, lighter, happier and will a greater zest for life! Your challenge now is to learn what is really important to you. Because you will have increased peace of mind and security this year, youíll be willing to explore new ventures. You have a big wide world open ahead of you!

Your relationships will be much, happier and easier to maintain after March this year. Things have been so tough since 2020, some have ended relationships or came close to it. Because itís important for you to put down roots, many of you will consider a committed relationship, whereas before you had doubts. This summer is fabulous for romance and partnerships!

Home & Family
Your home and family scene will be more blessed in 2023 than in over a decade. Family members will be happier and more generous. You want to put down roots and secure your base, You will do major redecorating projects or renovations, or you improve your home by moving. Enjoy!

My Aquarius Mantra for 2023

I survived! I'm happier and grateful!!

My Lucky Days for 2023

January 21, 22, 23
February 18, 19
March 17, 18, 19
April 13, 14, 15
May 10, 11, 12
June 7, 8, 9
July 4, 5, 6
August 28, 29, 30
September 24, 25, 26
October 22, 23, 24
November 18, 19, 20
December 15, 16, 17

(Feb. 19-March 20)

Element: Water
Symbol: The Fish
Ruling Planet: Neptune

Your Modus Operandi
You are attractive. You always look like the best version of who you are. You move with grace. You love costumes, light displays, music, film, photography and glamorous spectacle. You especially love the ocean and swimming. You're sensitive to the sufferings of others. Your friendly, whimsical nature makes you a welcome guest at any party.

What is Happening?
The bottom line for this year is that initially, you will earn more money. You will also enter an entire new arena that is new ground for you. (This new space will allow you to begin to reinvent yourself in the next seven years.) Although you will be focused more seriously on your inner world and your inner development; nevertheless, life will flow more easily! With little effort, you will be able to move in the direction that you want to go.

All your relationships will improve this year because you have survived the Dark Night of the Soul. (I used to know people. I used to do things. What happened?î) This summer some of you will begin a work-related romance. Relations with co-workers will improve, along with your health. You're entering a new world!

Home & Family
Life will flow more easily for you this year! It will also be easier to plan things, and make events go the way you want. You will receive greater joy from your kids. Everyone will be generous and more tolerant of others. You will also be less bothered if something goes wrong. You will have more money to spend on family treats and perhaps vacations. Bonus!

My Pisces Mantra for 2023

I survived! I'm on new turf, creating a new me.

My Lucky Days for 2023

January 23, 24, 25
February 20, 21
March 17, 18, 19
April 13, 14, 15
May 10, 11, 12
June 7, 8, 9
July 4, 5, 6
August 1, 2, 28, 29
September 26, 27, 28
October 24, 25, 26
November 20, 21, 22
December 17, 18, 19










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