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Stay Warm in Style

By Joseph A. Federico,, 22 Jan, 2016
  • Stay Warm in Style

Snowy fashions for both sexes!

Wintertime can be a time to wrap yourself up in blankets and sit by a lazy fire, but it can also be a time to shine and feel great about your wardrobe options…for both women and men. Yes, it is true.

Party, live it up, and be free with your fashion. This winter, especially after the holidays, be the talk of the town (or office). Here is what we found to be the most talked about fashion of winter 2015.

Ladies, you are up first. On top, on your way to work, stay warm with a faux fur coat or jacket. They are perfect to layer under. Take on a cold morning with a chinchilla pattern, or try on a sexy parka by none other than Canadian born Janet Han, of The Wild North. Han really knows how to make a woman feel beautiful even in the most brutal weather conditions.

If you are not down for fur, you may also opt for a long zebra patterned coat. The trend is for the coat of choice to have a coloured collar. Pink and green will be quite en vogue; look out for these.

Underneath it all, match a puffed-shoulder blouse with long skirts. Your blouses have to be light and airy colours such a light pinks and purples, and the skirts on the other hand, must juxtapose in hues of eggplant purple and black. An angular corporate look is coming your way, ladies. With this look, make the makeup dark, too, and the hair tight.

Or if a corporate look is not quite your style, try a playful dress by Miriam Baker. Her fashions are mastermind compared to most other designers. Think school girl meets punk rock princess, OK?

If you are seeking some stellar jewelry, have no fear. You will sparkle like the sultry night with colourful and playful studded cuffs, twisted infinity cocktail rings, and stretchable diamond bangle bracelets. Mix and match; that is half the fun.

On your working feet, wear dark coloured leather gladiator high heels. Rouge, purple and black are your best bets.

Fellas, you are up now. You can have just as much fun dressing up as the ladies.

Are you heading to a corporate event, or just out with your mates for a few cocktails? It does not matter, as your article of clothing of choice needs to be a silvery, sparkly tuxedo jacket. Silver and shiny is not just for the New Year, boys. If you are a tad shy and want to stay understated, try a more military-styled jacket by Klaxon Howl. Designer Matt Robinson keeps it clean and is very affordable.

When it comes to shirts, have fun with those, too. Dark shirts with funky patterns, such as paisley, trucks, and even feathers are coming down the shoot in the near future. Oh, and it just keeps getting better…

On those cold legs of yours this winter, you will be wearing leather. Leather pants will be pulled out of closets across the country, because the ’80s are back. It does not matter if your pants are tight, loose, or a little short. We are creating the prefect outfit here, men, so take note.

Unfortunately, there are no shoe trends on the horizon, but there are sock options. The weirder, the better, OK? Colourful, in your face polka dots will be best and complete your outfit. Or try patterned/item socks like triangles and spirals.

To top off incredibly courageous looks this winter, you will also have to invest a little more money. Fresh boutonnieres will be trending like wildfire. Flowers on jackets and wintery coats will make the cold seem a little less bitter, and will bring a smile to both your and passersby faces. Believe us.

Has the rotten winter gotten you down in the dumps in the past? Hopefully with our suggestions and a mix and match attitude, you will be grinning from ear to ear when trying on clothes. As per usual, put comfort aside for the time being, and be as playful as possible. Try things you have not done before, and even get your friends involved. This winter will be spectacular, we just know it.

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