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By Shweta Kulkarni, 06 Aug, 2020
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7 Ways To Create The Perfect Home Office That Will Make You Want To Work The Whole Day



As work from home becomes the new routine in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, here are some tips to keep in mind to create the perfect home office.

Work from home (WFH) is the new norm, courtesy, the COVID-19 outbreak. With a majority of companies and employees finding the WFH option more effective, it is evident that this new flexible work trend is here to stay. Thus, emphasising on the need for a comfortable and dedicated workstation at home.

A WFH arrangement undoubtedly calls for a designated workspace, so as to create an environment that facilitates productivity and helps to keep you away from distractions that are bound to happen at home. And while setting up a home office may sound like a gargantuan task, honestly, all it takes is a bit of planning and little effort to create a space that ensures maximum efficiency.

Here are a few tips to create an optimum home office space that will keep you focussed, boost your productivity and make you want to work the whole day. Take a look…

1 Let There Be Light

The one thing that can hugely impact your productivity is the light at your workspace. Studies have shown that natural daylight can make you feel more energetic, upbeat and help keep lethargy at bay. What’s more, a well-lit up space also looks bigger, which is a big perk for a work area set up in a small house. So, try to ensure that you have enough daylight in your work zone. If that is not possible, light up your work area with ambient lighting.

2 Think Ergonomics

Once you have zeroed down on the ideal spot, the next step is to choose the right furniture for your home office. You will be spending hours in front of your desk; hence you need to pick up the right desk and chair for your workstation. A comfortable workspace helps you stay focussed and improves your productivity. So, invest in a good ergonomically designed chair that gives ample support to your back and neck. Consider opting for a height-adjustable desk so that you can sit as well as stand and work. Sitting all day can be damaging for the body hence sit and stand desks are ideal in a home office set up. If you have space constraints, you can opt for floating desks or wall mounted desks. There are plenty of economical options available in the market, figure out what works for you the best.


3 Choose Your Ideal Spot

While it is tempting to plonk down on the couch or bed and work, it is definitely not a great idea for your posture as well as productivity in the long run. Hence you need to pick up an ideal space in the house, where you can set up a work desk if you already don’t have one. Make certain you choose a quiet spot, which is away from the usually busy parts of the house like the kitchen, TV and dining area. A work desk by the window is perfect, however, if your house is close to the street, the traffic noise may be distracting, so take that into account before setting up your workstation. Try not to blend your work zone into your home life, this distinction is the key to having a perfect home office space. However, if you don’t have enough space in the house to do so, get creative and try to use underused spaces or use bookcases, room divider curtains to mark that distinction between work zone and home area.

4 Bring In The Greens

Having sorted the essentials of your home office like space, light, ergonomic and comfort, now it’s time to spruce up the space and make it lively. The best way to do this is by adding a dash of greens to your space. Having indoor plants in your home office space can not only brighten up the place but also give a boost to your productivity. Studies show that having plants around your work desk not only reduces your stress but also boosts efficient by 15 per cent. So, go ahead and choose some greens to liven up your space and spirit. Snake plant, spider plant, dracaena, pothos, ficus and Boston fern are some of the best indoor plants to keep.

5 Colour Matters

It’s a proven fact that colours have a psychological impact on people. The colour surrounding you can affect your mood and thereby your productivity as well. Hence you must pick the right hue for your home office space. Most interior designers swear by the colour green as it is said to have a calming effect on the mind and relieves stress. If green isn’t your colour, you can also opt for other natural tones like blue or off-white, or best choose a colour that makes you happy.

6 Add Some Personality

At the end of the day, a home office is still your space and it should be a reflection of your personality. Add a personal touch to your workstation by decorating it with personal items, artwork, and picture frames, it will not only add a cheerful vibe to your workspace but also improve your efficiency at work.

7 Invest In High-Speed Internet

A good high-speed internet connection is of the utmost importance when you are setting up a home office. A slow or bad internet connection can not only hamper your productivity but also disrupt your focus. Hence make sure you have a good internet service provider to ensure that you get your work done effortlessly.


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