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The Winter Fashion Rule Book 2018

By Shweta Kulkarni, 27 Nov, 2018
  • The Winter Fashion Rule Book 2018

Don’t let the cold chills dampen your style game, check out our fashion guide and effortlessly make heads turn every time you step out.

Winter is certainly pleasant if you are just sitting by the fireplace, tucked in your warm and cosy corner, reading your favourite book or watching your favourite show, while sipping on a hot cup of favourite beverage. Ahh, bliss!
However, the cold weather becomes quite a bother the minute you decide to step out, especially because of the fashion limitations the winter season sets in. You often tend to slip into the dark zone with heavy sweaters and thick layered clothing. But winter certainly doesn’t mean you set your fashion sense on hibernation mode. 
There are several ways to keep up with the fashionista in you and at the same time stay warm. Here is list of do’s and don’ts to beat the winter blues in style. Check it out…

Do The Mix & Match

Mix and match work splendidly well during winters. And yes, you can still wear your spring and summer clothes, but, of course, with a few tweaks here and there. Wear your favourite summer dress with a nice furry warm coat, throw a woollen scarf around it, wear warm tights and round up the look with high boots and woollen cap. Voila, you are all set to slay with your style quotient. You don’t need to pack away your shorts either. You can wear them with warm bright tights and boots to put your best foot forward this winter. Smart layering also comes in handy when it comes to mixing and matching your winter and summer clothes. Just remember, don’t override too much and try to put everything together. Cleaner the style, more modern the outlook.

Don’t Skip The Coat!

Throwing over a coat while stepping out doesn’t mean restricting your oomph quotient. When it gets too cold to handle, a coat undeniably is your best buddy. But that doesn’t mean you need to bundle yourself into some boring dark coats. Get something fancy for yourself in vibrant hues, if you may please. Something that is beautifully tailored and helps define your shape. Accessorize the smart way to make the best of your winter coats. This will not only keep you warm but will also help you make a style statement. The 70s style velvet and chequered coats with ample lapels are quite hot on the fashion circuit this year, so are tweed and candy-hued coats. Long coats with voluminous fur sleeves are also something to consider while buying outerwear this season.  

Don’t Shy Away From Colours

When the cold vibes set in, it’s natural to reach out for darker shades, but the key to making a stunning style statement during winters is to not let the greys outside cloud over your sunshine. Dare to be bold and dress up in bright colours. The colours that are dominating this season are emerald green, deep red, yellow, and charcoal grey. Even the soothing pastels are turning out to be quite hot this cold season. You can also add a dash of colour to your outfit with a brightly coloured bag, tights or boots. But don’t go overboard with your colour fetish, the trick here is to smartly balance your ensemble.  

Don’t Just Bid Adieu To The Old School Formula

No matter how much you love your mules and sandals, waterproof boots are a win-win deal during winters. Normal or best preferred high ankle boots will match up your winter wear and will help you navigate through the snowy fields. It will also help to keep your feet dry and comfortable. You can also club them up with accessories to get an edgy military look. And yes, there are plenty of fashionable styles available in the market, so don’t think boots are blah!

Do The Whites

Who said whites can’t be worn in winters! White definitely is trending this season and it needs to be added to your winter wardrobe. You can go for a complete white look by pairing a white coat with matching trousers and tops or mix shades of white and cream in different textures and weights. Just make sure to occasionally add them to your ensemble to create a chic and elegant winter look.

Do Accessorize 

Accessories make everything better, they are the essential vitamins to fashion. Apart from matching your shoes and bags with your outfits the mainstream way this winter, try something unconventional as well. Pick up some warm hats and pair them up with scarves to give your winter attire a fresh look. Colourplay with the gloves to add an edge. Statement jewellery is also great to add some pizzazz to your winter look. When winter can offer so much in your fashion cart, why stick to the ordinary pattern?

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