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What you need to look for in a Makeup Artist

Darpan, 07 Feb, 2014
  • What you need to look for in a Makeup Artist
The outfit is a one in a million find, from the embroidery detailing to the fine detailing of pearls, and the crystals adorning the body. The photographer has been given a pretty penny to produce a record of your special day. But what about your makeup & hair artist?
Professionally applied makeup will help complete the look you have spent so many months putting together. Just a simple application that takes into consideration your unique features can have surprising effects. Makeup Artists can produce amazing results in your photographs.
What you need to look for in a Makeup Artist
Most importantly, you need to find a Makeup Artist who will listen to your ideas and be able to interpret them. The last thing you want is someone telling you how you should look on your wedding day.
Here are some other things to look out for:
• Ask if the Artist sterilizes brushes between clients, uses clean fresh sponges and takes into consideration the spread of disease.
• Experience is very important! Ask to see pictures of their work and about their work history. Be sure they are experienced in makeup for both photography and video as these are mediums that you will be dealing with on your wedding day. How many clients in total will determine experience.
• Does the makeup artist do trial makeup applications, which are crucial and should be a deciding factor when you choose who you hire. Wear the makeup for the day and see how it feels. Did it last? Did your family/fiancé approve? Were you comfortable and natural?
• Questions should include if the Artist was prompt, friendly and organized and whether they worked well under pressure.
• One thing that can distinguish a professional Makeup Artist from a want-to-be is the use of formal contracts, marketing material, a website, brochures and business cards, etc. While these items won’t provide any guarantee of skill level, they do represent a certain degree of investment in their art for makeup and hair artistry.
• Someone who is open to clients suggestions but also confident to give back pro. feedback if necessary.
• Type of education and training received

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