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Welcome to Bath

BY TARANA RANA, 29 Jan, 2020

    Lush with Roman and Georgian architecture and stunning countryside, this world heritage English city is the ideal destination for a relaxing city-break.

    Visiting Bath is like stepping back in time. With its warm, honey-coloured Georgian townhouses, sweeping crescents, and well-preserved ancient Roman sites, this world-heritage designated city is truly majestic. Only a two-hour drive from London, come to Bath to unwind, relax and rejuvenate.

    Visit the Roman Baths
    Start your trip by exploring the Roman Baths, one of the world’s most well-preserved Roman spas today. Built in around AD 70 as a place for public bathing and socializing by Romans, today the site still flows with natural spring water. During your visit you can see the Roman Baths up-close, walk on the original Roman pavements, visit the museum and see the ruins of the Temple of Sulis Minerva.

    If you fancy a dip in the healing spring waters, visit Therme Bath Spa, which houses the only natural thermal hot springs in Britain you can bathe in. Derived from the very same underground source as the original Roman baths, the water here is rich in minerals.

    Tour the Abbey
    With gorgeous stained-glass windows, honey-gold stone and beautiful fan vaulting, which it is renowned for, Bath Abbey is a stunning gothic cathedral. Explore the abbey with a guided tour, which takes you to the bell chamber and the top of the tower. It is a 212-step climb, which will give you a birds-eye view over the city and the neighbouring Roman Baths. If you have the time, check out the abbey’s website for dates and details about frequent music concerts that are held at the cathedral.

    Stroll down to Royal Crescent and Circus
    As a world-heritage site city, Bath is known for its spectacular Georgian architecture and the best way to experience this is to walk around the city and soak in the sights. One must-see is the Royal Crescent, a semi-circular row of townhouses overlooking the Royal Victoria Park. If you’d like to learn more about how the Georgians lived, you can visit the museum housed in No. 1 Royal Crescent and a joint ticket also gets you entry into the Museum of Bath Architecture.

    After visiting the Royal Crescent, a walk along Brock St. will lead you to the Circus, another architectural marvel. This ring of 33 houses which forms a circle with its three entrances has detailed stonework and plaques commemorate some of the townhouses’ more famous residents. It is said that the Circus is joined to the Royal Crescent by a ley-line, and that their design represents the sun and the moon. When you visit, make sure to stand right in the middle of the Circus to appreciate this inspiring piece of architecture.

    Visit the Assembly Rooms
    The Assembly Rooms were where the Bath socialites in the 18th century would gather to play cards, listen to chamber music, and attend balls. Today, these stately rooms are open to the public. The Assembly Rooms also house the Fashion Museum, where you can view collections of historical clothing ranging from the late 16th century to present day.

    Enjoy an authentic afternoon tea
    When in Bath, treat yourself to an afternoon tea at the Pump Room. This original Georgian venue, complete with Corinthian columns and glittering chandeliers, was once the heart of Georgian high society, who would come to Bath to drink the spa waters, which they believed, would relive all their illnesses. Today you can enjoy a traditional afternoon tea here and try a Bath bun, which is a local delicacy. The Pump Room still has a fountain flowing with the spa water and if you’re inclined, you can try some of the healing waters for yourself! The waters contain around 43 minerals, so be prepared for its rather unusual taste.

    Take a day trip to Stonehenge and The Cotswolds
    If you’re in Bath for a while, make a day trip to Stonehenge. Just an hour’s drive from Bath, the iconic stone circle is an ancient wonder of the world and has a fascinating history. Bath is also a gateway to The Cotswolds, one of UK’s most beautiful rural regions with rolling hills and honey-coloured villages. If you only have a day, head to the picture-perfect villages of Lower and Upper Slaughter to experience the Cotswolds idyllic charm.

    Walkable Bath
    Being a very compact city, most of Bath can be seen on foot. To make the most of your experience, choose from one of the many guided walking tours that are available. A popular option is a free two-hour guided tour that is offered daily by the Mayor of Bath Honorary Guides, which is a great way to get oriented and take in all the major sights. You can also sign up for a Jane Austen tour, a ghost tour, food tours as well as ‘Bizarre Bath’, which offers a comedy tour around the city.


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