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Off-air with Sonia Sidhu

By Petrina D’Souza, 20 Mar, 2018 05:51 PM

    Sonia’s energetic breakfast show has become a daily staple among radio listeners, and is providing people a fun and fresh start to the day.

    We all know her for her irresistible voice, funny banter, and playful personality on KiSS RADiO. Sonia Sidhu, co-host of Mornings with Kevin and Sonia, is a popular name and face in British Columbia’s radio circuit. Nearly a year old, Sonia and Kevin’s energetic breakfast show has become a daily staple among radio listeners, and is providing people a fun and fresh start to the day. 
    Sonia’s interest in radio sparked many years ago, when one fine day she turned on the radio and wondered how she could be on it, “Long story short, I applied for the BCIT Radio Program and two years later, I was hosting a morning show as my first radio job!” she recalls. Step by step, backed with a positive attitude and creative productions, she and her best friend, Kevin Lim, began building the ‘Sonia and Kevin’ brand. 
    Today, Sonia’s radio career spans over 10 years and boasts of radio shows hosted in Kelowna, Penticton, Castlegar and others cities. “I got into radio in an effort to make people feel emotions, whether its happiness and joy after listening to a segment, or sadness and hope after hearing a news story,” reveals the radio star.
    Mornings with Kevin and Sonia airs everyday from 6 am to 10 am. Every morning, thousands of listeners are tuned in to hear what this delightful duo have in store. Authenticity and positivity are the two pillars of support through which the show has quickly garnered popularity and loyal followers. “There’s no filter when it comes to us and how we share our lives. We aim to be a show that can be your escape from the every day stresses of life. Whether it’s laughing or spreading kindness to our community, you always know what you’re going to get when you turn on our show on KiSS RADiO,” shares Sonia proudly calling her show “The Ellen Show of radio.” 
    Though it may seem like merely four hours of interesting conversation and peppy music, extensive research and planning form the backbone of the show. “A lot of people think we just have a four hour work day, but it’s definitely more than that,” points out Sonia. Trending topics, local news stories and entertaining ideas are picked out and discussed, which are then fine tuned as material for the show to present the next day. Besides the usual preparation, radio personalities also at times have to deal with mood swings or bad days. Surprisingly, the dynamic duo deals with it by going on-air and turning the situation around to their advantage. “Whenever we’re having a bad day, we talk about it and then we all agree that being on the air is one of the best cures for a bad day. It’s definitely our happy place and it’s an adrenaline rush,” explains Sonia. 
    For Sonia, an exciting part of being a radio host is meeting people she admires. You could definitely call her job the best in the world knowing that this lucky lady interviewed music superstar Ed Sheeran last summer. Reliving the moment, the fangirl says, “I was so nervous. He [Ed Sheeran] knew how nervous I was so he gave me a few extra minutes to chat with him and was such a sweetheart. That was probably my most memorable interview yet.”
    Sonia’s talent and passion is reflected beautifully through her work; and the love and support the show has received is a clear indicator that she is doing a remarkable job of spreading fun and laughter among people. It does not come as a surprise that the co-hosts have received the Broadcast Performers Of The Year Award by the British Columbia Association Of Broadcasters (BCAB) in 2013 and other notable recognition over the years. Mentioning the award by BCAB, Sonia says, “It was an honour to receive this award among our peers. There are so many radio hosts we look up to in the market and to win an award like that, meant the world to us.”
    Her advice to those aspiring to be on radio is “reach out to a radio performer that you look up to and ask yourself why you want to do it. If it’s for fame and money, you’re likely in the wrong business.” With long hours, lots of moving to different cities to follow your career path and being away from home, a radio career is not for the faint-hearted. “If you want to do it because you truly love it, then it’s definitely worth it. The adventure and experience of being a radio host is priceless,” exclaims Sonia in conclusion.