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UCMAS Mental Math Competition

05 Jun, 2018
Newton, Surrey hosts Annual, Record-breaking UCMAS BC Provincial Mental Math Competition in BC
Around 350-400 UCMAS students, from across Surrey, Richmond & Vancouver, participated in the record breaking, annual BC provincial, Mental Math competition last weekend, on Saturday, 26th May 2018.  UCMAS, a global leader in providing abacus-based mental math education, organized its 5th Provincial Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition at Newton Recreation Centre (Arena), Surrey, BC.
The Competition hosted once, every year in British Columbia, seeks to provide a competitive arena for UCMAS students to excel in their respective category and be recognized for their excellence. The focused and targeted practice, UCMAS students undergo, towards preparation of the Competition, serves to further enhance their Abacus and Mental Math skills.
At the competition, which tests speed and accuracy in arithmetic, the UCMAS students, between 4- 13 years of age, have eight minutes to solve as many as 150-200 math questions depending on the students’ level, using only an abacus or mental math. “The math tests include numeric calculations of multiple rows & columns that require students to calculate at a rate faster than using a calculator” cited Rashmi Mehta, Senior Executive - Operations & Regional Moderator, UCMAS, BC, Canada.