Sunday, July 14, 2024
Hindi Medium trailer finds Irrfan in elements. He deadpans as he drops one hilarious line after another and the fun part is, there is a message embedded in every single of those laughter riots.
Set to the original track by Sukhbir, Ishq Tera Tadpaave, the trailer is about a couple who is trying hard to get their daughter admitted to a good English school. According to Irrfan’s wife (played by Pakistani actor Saba Qamar), English is not a language but a class and if not them, at least their daughter should be a part of that class.
The film showcases how difficult it is to get your child admitted to schools which can easily double up as luxury hotels. The family goes for a makeover but there is no admission in sight. Their Plan B is to get their girl admitted through ‘gareeb quota’, for which they turn poor. Now that brings in its wake everything that poverty entails, including mosquitoes and dengue.