Friday, August 12, 2022
This 1996 documentary on Sanjay Dutt, To Hell and Back, offers an insight to the Sanjay Dutt of the 1990s. The accusations he faced following the 1993 bomb blasts, his drug fueled lifestyle and the threats his family faced, all are discussed in this film.
To Hell and Back paints a sympathetic picture of Sanjay Dutt and tries to delve into the political scenario that led up to his arrest. 
The communal tension and Dutt’s brat image were all factors that made it easier for people to believe that he could have committed any wrong-doings that he was being charged with. The tabloids were full of his drug-fueled lifestyle and he was just the bad-boy who didn’t necessarily look like the society’s hero. 
Sunil Dutt was an active politician in Bombay at the time and it is hinted that his work in the Muslim slums attracted opposition. Various instances are shared where the Dutt family was threatened with murder and rape.