Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Surrey city Councillor Hundial sat down with Darpan's Social Media Host Ish Sharma for an exclusive interview.

"Surrey is almost like a tale of two cites, we have the north and south, different priorities, different demographics, I find that as a challenge moving forward."

On Surrey Police transition, the Councillor said, "Prior to even me supporting the Mayor, I was very clear that I will support transition provided there is financial benefit to the tax payers and we actually see what the difference is going to be.."

"I can't support any report that says it's going to make Surrey less safe."

"In the last budget we saw, there's no new recreation facilities coming in here, there's not going to be any infrastructure built on the roadways, we have a Skytrain which the Mayor promised - 1.6 billion dollars will get us all the way to Clayton, which we now know it's only going to get us 7 km or four stops to the middle of Guildford."

Surrey City Councillor Jack Hundial split from the McCallum-led Safe Surrey Coalition last year and now forms the Surrey Connect slate with Councillor Brenda Locke.