Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Darpan Magazine & Teja Foods Celebrate International Women’s Day with an exclusive spotlight on some of BC’s Top South Asian women.

On this special occasion, BC Premier Hon. John Horgan conveys his best wishes to women & girls around the world.

Women have played an integral role in the growth and recognition of British Columbia’s South Asian community. Be it politics, broadcasting, business or social work, South Asian women have proven themselves time and again, scaled newer heights, broken barriers, achieved unconventional goals, and have stood tall in a male-dominated society. We put the spotlight on many such remarkable women in our community, and shift the conversation to understanding the calm but resilient strength of a woman.

DARPAN Magazine celebrates womanhood by sharing inspiring stories of 10 South Asian female achievers. Each of these local women has a unique background and story that is a source of inspiration for hundred and thousands of women. Being leaders in their respective fields, the featured 10 are encouraging women in the South Asian community and beyond to dream big, challenge social norms and take charge. By highlighting the journeys of these empowering personalities, we aim to create role models and mentors for the next generation, and salute the women in our community for their relentless courage and unyielding voice that has shaped BC’s South Asian community in Canada.

Darpan wants to say thank you to the women of our community for their selfless efforts and contributions in shaping the South Asian community