Sunday, July 14, 2024

During COVID-19 do some creative baking. Learn from the amazing baker Anjan Kaur Ahuja owner of Anjan’s delights who shows you how to bake a cake start to finish. It is one delicious segment for the eyes. Don’t miss out. ANJAN's DELIGHTS Instagram: @cakesbyAnjan Address: Unit 116 - 6350 120 St, Surrey BC Ph: 778-891-7962 Canada Day SPECIAL CAKE RECIPE! 8” cake feeds 20- 24 people Gms.

Ingredients 300 gm. Sugar 288 gm. Cake Flour 13 gm. Baking Powder 175 gm. Butter (soft) 138 gm. Milk 75 gm. Eggs 100 gm. Egg whites 15 gm. Vanilla Extract Method of Preparation: 1) Combine first four ingredients with a paddle until mix is sandy. 2) Combine liquid ingredients (at room temperature) and add slowly to dry ingredients in stages. 3) Scrape bowl and paddle and mix until smooth before adding more liquid. 4) Mix for 5 more minutes on medium speed. 5) Bake at 175*C (350*F) till golden brown and toothpick comes out clean . Approximately 45 min.

Italian Buttercream 150 ml. Water 500 gm Sugar 250 gm Eggwhite 2 lbs Butter. Method of Preparation: 1) Combine water and sugar and bring it to a running boil 2) In the mixer whip eggwhites until fluffy and has a shine to it. 3) Pour the boiling sugar mixture let it whip until completely cold 4) Add butter chunks to the meringue and mix till shiny and fluffy.