Saturday, December 3, 2022
In Turkey Ice Cream vending is an art to serve the taste and with some special pranks. They perform several prank and make there customer happy. With the frozen desert they play several street tricks to entertain the visitors and tourists who used to buy their tasty ice cream. 
Using a metal bar, they start by scooping out a dollop of ice cream onto which they sticks a cone. After a few twizzles, they slips it into the customer's pocket, cleverly leaving the cone behind.
Then, having added another scoop of ice cream to the end of the pole, they uses that to fish the cone back out of the customer`s pocket.
During a few more spins, the vendor slyly removes the cone before offering it to the customer who grabs at thin air not realising it has disappeared.
More high jinx ensue until the client finally gets his treat - but not before a quick kiss and a splodge of ice cream on his cheek, much to everyone's amusement.
The secret of their success lies in large part thanks to mastic gum, an ingredient widely used in Turkish desserts that gives the ice cream its elasticity and prevents it from falling apart