Monday, February 19, 2018
During his first meeting with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, President Trump appeared to ignore requests from the media for the two leaders to shake hands. 
When photographers made repeated requests for a handshake, the German Chancellor turned towards Trump and said, “They want a handshake.” The US President, however, does not react to Merkel’s suggestion. He continues facing the photographers, smiling into the camera with his hands to himself. A visibly uncomfortable Merkel shrugs momentarily and then smiles at the photographers.
Maintaining her composure throughout the public appearance, Merkel said while she represents German interests, Trump “stands up for, as is right, American interests.” She also added they were “trying to address also those areas where we disagree but tried to bring people together.” Friday’s meeting included included discussions on NATO, Islamic State, the Afghanistan conflict and Ukraine dispute — matters which require close cooperation between the US and Germany.