Monday, February 19, 2018
BORIS JOHNSON was trying to contain his giggles this morning when he was wrapped up in a bright orange turban for a visit to a Sikh temple.
But on the same visit the Foreign Secretary infuriated one voter when he promised to end tariffs on whisky – but many Sikhs refrain from drinking.
In a speech he vowed to end tariffs on the alcohol when we quit the EU and do a trade deal with India – which caused enormous offence with one woman in the audience.
His remarks were quickly slammed by a unnamed voter who informed him that many Sikhs refrain from consuming alcohol.
Mr Johnson, who was in the area to support the local Tories, apologised multiple times to the guest today – but she was fuming.
“How dare you talk about alcohol in a Sikh temple,” she raged.
She went on to tell him about the alcoholism in her family – and hit out at him for making the comments.