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Special bottles to ring in the Festive Mood

Darpan News Desk IANS, 19 Dec, 2021 12:23 AM
  • Special bottles to ring in the Festive Mood

The holiday season is approaching, and there's nothing like a heartwarming gift to brighten the mood. The ideal time to crack open a great bottle with family and friends increases the concept of community. An elegant tipple can make a terrific gift to share with someone during the holidays, regardless of the type of party.

There are a variety of spirits and liqueurs to choose from, and there is something for everyone. Whether you prefer the refreshing flavour of a London Dry gin, a peaty single malt, a classic whiskey, or a dessert liqueur, here's a rundown of some of the most sophisticated liquids to choose from.

Epitome Reserve

A proud tribute to the Indian collective spirit, it represents our traditions of welcoming, sharing, and nurturing.

The second edition of United's Epitome Reserve whisky is a limited-edition peated single malt with just 3,600 numbered bottles, signed by the Master Blender, Mahesh Patil himself. An artisanal craft spirit, Epitome Reserve Peated Single Malt Whisky comes in an elegant package with subtle hues of scarlet and maroon and is meant to be a collectible and a souvenir. Both the packaging as well as the liquid are a nod to the "rooted and risen" and celebrate the longevity of a banyan tree.

The one-of-a-kind single malt whisky is created using seven inimitable steps. Only select Indian six-row barley, which travels from the Himalayan foothills over 2000 kilometres to Goa, goes into the making of Epitome Reserve Peated Single Malt whisky. Then, the sweet waters of the Mandovi river hydrate the heads of perfectly broken grains, and the heat from the Islay peat gives the full-bodied earthy grains an unmissable marine twist. The play of the sea and spices ensues as the liquid moves from copper pot stills to maturation in American oak casks against the briny Goan sea breeze. The liquid is then exclusively finished in Cabernet Sauvignon casks.

Why this is the one: The result of the distillation is a vibrant and lively flavour - reminiscent of mint, plum, mulberry and cherry.

Best Enjoyed: Neat, on the rocks or with a dash of water.

The singleton of Singleton of Glendullan

A Single Malt that can be unapologetically enjoyed your way, Diageo's Singleton of Glendullan 12, 15, and 18-year-olds are single malt Scotch whiskies, matured in a high proportion of American oak casks mixed with a small portion of European oak casks to balance the flavour profile of the liquid. All three variants, 12-year-old, 15-year- old, and 18-year-old, are extraordinarily inclusive and not bound by any traditions of the past.

Why this is the one: The result of the distillation is an easy-to-enjoy single malt with fresh fruit aromas, a sweet, honeyed palate, and a creamy, lingering finish. A whisky created to be enjoyed, from the very first sip.

Best Enjoyed: Makes for an exceptional base spirit for crafting cocktails and is a unique option to pair with a variety of cuisines.


Powerful, smoky, made by the sea - Talisker is renowned for its maritime character, Diageo's 10 YO single malt can be classified as rugged, adventurous, and refined. Talisker is the oldest single malt Scotch Whisky and is said to have been made by the sea, as it comes from a distillery on the shores of the Isle of Skye, one of the most remote, rocky, yet beautiful landscapes in Scotland.

Why this the one: This single malt is indeed a powerhouse, challenging but well-rounded. It brings in a flavour from the peat burned during the malting process. Under the smoke, you will find soft fruits and cereal notes, and in the older expressions, a rich vanilla imbued by the ageing process.

Best enjoyed: Talisker neat will allow guests to fully grasp and enjoy whisky in all its glory.

Copper Dog

A unique blend of eight fine Speyside whiskies ready to break conventions, born out of the warm and mischievous atmosphere of the Copper Dog pub in the Craigellachie Hotel, Speyside, the liquid is a creation of a group of collaborators, connected by the original instigator, Piers Adams, an entrepreneur and founder of some of the world's most influential bars and clubs, including London's Mahiki and Whisky Mist. Together, they got on to create a whisky that is rouge, inclusive, real, and rascally.

Why this is the one: The whisky is a unique blend of no fewer than 8 single malt whiskies (including Knockando, Rose Isle, and Inchgower), slowly marred together in old oak casks. With caramelised sugars, soft fruits and a gentle wood presence alongside a creamy finish that enhances the subtle, distant spices of the liquid, it is an integration of ripe orchard fruits (apples and pears), berries and a hint of citrus, layered above a background of sweet wood and creamy vanilla fudge.


Baileys Original Irish Cream was introduced in 1974 when the founders wanted to take two simple treasures that their country was known for-delicious dairy cream and Irish whiskey-and combine them. Through a process that went through two years of trial and error, they created the delicious Baileys recipe we now know and love.

Why this is the one: With a creamy nose and subtle hints of vanilla, chocolate and Irish whiskey, the taste is a smooth and silky texture with a satisfying aftertaste.

Best enjoyed: Whether you're baking or cocktail-making, Baileys is the perfect ingredient. From gooey Baileys Irish Cream Cheesecake to classy Baileys Espresso Martini, Baileys' recipes hit the sweet spot every time!

Tanqueray London Dry Gin

Tanqueray has had a huge role to play in the "Ginnaissance" in India as a premium gin brand. By giving consumers four perfectly balanced botanicals and one unmistakable gin, Tanqueray has opened the pathway for gin to become everyone's go-to drink. Tanqueray has travelled the world in search of the finest botanicals, handpicking the ones to suit his sensibilities.

Tanqueray London Dry is one of the most awarded gins in the world. It is voted #1 by bartenders in a poll by eThe World's 50 Best Bars' -- making it a spirit bartender love to explore.

Why this is the one: All the botanicals are redistilled together in high quality neutral grain spirit in a traditional pot, creating Tanqueray's distinctive flavor of piney juniper and faint lemon zest. This unique combination makes it the most versatile gin with an exclusive flavor which stands out in any cocktail. It's a spirit bartenders love to explore.

Best enjoyed: By creating the classic gin drinks to test the spirit with - First up, try making a Gin and Tonic. Follow it up with a Martini, stirred not shaken. And end with a Tom Collins.

Gordon's London Dry Gin

Gordon's iconic reputation has been built since its initial conception as a Southwark-based distillery in 1769. The production later moved to Clerkenwell in 1786, and the white spirit sailed the seas through the 1800s, creating legions of fans the world over. For decades, certainly for the 20 years leading up to the 2006 gin boom, Gordon's was the one and only name people would instantly associate with gin, and it's still beloved by its many passionate supporters. Today, Gordon's is the world's number one best-selling gin. Awarded four Royal Warrants and an impressive selection of international gin prizes.

Why this is the one: Gordon's is a gin that's enjoyed, not dissected. The blend has been made using only four carefully chosen botanicals and a neutral grain spirit, all the highest quality to create its distinctively refreshing taste. Gordon's has a higher juniper content than almost any other gin.

Best enjoyed: It is accompanied by lemon and grapefruit juice, with sugar and soda water stirred through to give a light and lively taste. Simply add some lemon and grapefruit wheels to serve an ultra-aesthetic cocktail.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is an unrivalled masterpiece. It is an exquisite blend made from some of Scotland's rarest and most exceptional whiskies. Only one in every ten thousand casks has the elusive quality, character, and flavour to deliver the remarkable signature taste of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Why this is the one: Created from hand-selected casks of some of the rarest and most exceptional whiskies, there is no sensory experience quite like Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Best enjoyed: Savor this classic scotch in any way you like - on its own, over ice or with a dash of water.


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