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Chef Tarla Dalal

Darpan News Desk Darpan, 25 Jan, 2014 03:35 AM
  • Chef Tarla Dalal
Highly-esteemed cookery author, TV host and award winning Indian chef Tarla Dalal is a common name in Indian kitchens.
Having 50 cookery book titles to her name, many of which have been translated in various languages including Dutch and Russian, Dalal is acclaimed as India’s best-selling cookery author for over two decades. The total sales of her cookbooks exceeds 3 million copies.There are 2,700,000 members on
Originally hailing from Pune, Dalal moved to Mumbai after marriage and experimented by cooking various dishes for her husband.
Impressed by her cooking skills, Dalal was persuaded by her husband to proceed in her cookery ventures and experiment with distinct cuisines.
Shortly, Dalal created cooking classes that received much appreciation and student started enrolling in large numbers. It was during this phase in her life that she augmented towards a career that shaped her into an award-winning chef.
Dalal has now started Cooking & More, a bimonthly magazine, and as the name suggests Cooking & More provides information not just about the kitchen but also about decorating your house, laying out a table, grooming yourself, entertaining your guests and a whole lot of other things.
Dalal has also employed her talents in doing social service and is actively involved in bringing positive changes to society. “I always do charity shows…the amount goes to cancer patients, blind children, street  children, physically handicapped…it is a great feeling that my knowledge is useful for this purpose.”


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Chef Vikram Vij
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