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Sadhna Grover

Darpan, 08 Apr, 2016 11:14 AM

    Cooking has always been blogger Sadhna Grover’s passion. “I really enjoy my time in the kitchen. I am always interested in trying new recipes and making inventions in my kitchen,” says the cooking expert. Grover started her blog, Herbs Spices and Tradition (, in 2014 - inspired, supported and encouraged by her daughter and son-in-law. After retiring from teaching, she realized she had a lot of time and decided to explore her cooking further. “I wanted to take my culinary experience to a higher level through sharing and learning.” Now, food blogging has become an integral part of her life. “I never thought blogging would be so enjoyable and rewarding. It is part and parcel of myself,” says Grover. Every month, Grover creates three to four Indian and western vegetarian recipes on her blog.  “In future, I am looking forward to learn and try more recipes from different cuisines and share it with the world,” she sums up.



    Chef Vikram Vij

    Chef Vikram Vij

    Vikram Vij is a Vancouver-based Chef, restaurateur and cookbook author whose television appearances include guest judge on the first season of Top Chef Canada.

    Chef Vikram Vij