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Stay Stylish in 2018

By Shweta Kulkarni, 26 Jan, 2018

    Plaid, asymmetrical necklines, dark denim, fringe, and metallics, check out the biggest trends that will dominate the fashion circuit this year.

    Finally, 2018 is here, it’s time for new beginnings and to embrace fresh fashion trends as well. And if all you style-lovers are wondering what the biggest fads are, we have the answers for you. Take a look at our fashion forecast to know which trends will be sticking around and which ones will become passé this year.


    The space-age metallic was a hot and happening trend in 2017 and still continues to trend in the fashion circle. So don’t be afraid to welcome the various shades of metallic in your orbit, but just keep to basics.

    Big Jewellery

    Accessories this year are all about making statements. So ditch the delicate this year and instead opt for over-sized earrings, rings, and layered neckpieces. 


    The popular clothing staple with new silhouettes and boyish styles is going to raid the fashion circuit this year and just can’t be missed.

    Net Bags

    The fisherman bags are not only fashion industry’s latest obsession but are also easy on the pocket. The string mesh bags which are referred to as filet in France have made several appearances on the street as well as the runway and are a definite must-have in 2018. Image:

    Chequered Prints

    Call them plaid, tartan or chequered, one thing is for sure – you simply won’t be able to ignore these prints in 2018. The checks, which dominated the fashion circuit last year as well, will be seen everywhere – right from blazers and trousers to tops and skirts, this print is just going to gain more popularity this year. What’s more, this year one will see them mixed with other prints as well. The checks shall even dominate men’s wear fashion.

    Dark Wash Denims

    This staple textile has always been popular but with utilitarian twists and new designs, the dark denim trend will be in full force this year. Be it skirts, jackets, jeans, suits or even saris, this selvage fabric will dominate every possible silhouette in 2018.

    Hues to look out for in 2018!

    Amongst the hues that will reign 2018 are softer colours like white and lavender. From casual knits to formal wear, these subtle shades will add freshness to the fashion orbit.Another shade that one will get to see everywhere is the millennial pink. The hue was quite hot in 2017 as well, however, 2018 will see the colour with a pop of red. 
    The candy combination which dominated Brandon Maxwell’s Spring 2018 ready-to-wear collection and even made its presence felt in Oscar de la Renta’s ready-to-wear collection will be the highlight of this year.  Image: Brandon Maxwell’s Spring 2018 Collection 

    Chunky Buckle Shoes

    While shimmery and sparkly footwear will find its way to the fashion books in 2018 as well, chunky buckle shoes are certain to steal the limelight this year. The versatile footwear can not only help you make a style statement but can also be incorporated into many styles of clothing. Image:


    2018 will see a resurgence of fringe. Shredded tees, fringe bags, fringe earrings, fringe dresses, coats… The fringe will be almost irresistible this year.

    Synthetic Rubber

    Yeah, as uncanny as it may sound, one fabric that is going to govern the fashion town is synthetic rubber/100% Nitrile. Calvin Klein introduced us to his myriad collection made in Ohio, Industrial Dip Molded 100% Nitrile/Synthetic Rubber during the AW17 show and ever since many brands are using this unusual fabric to create chic silhouettes which are apt for glamorous soirées or to make some stunning style statements on the streets. Image: Calvin Klein Collection
    Photos: IStock, Pictures for representation only

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