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Excellent Finishes For Your Elegant Home

17 Mar, 2017

    If I plan to do something, I do it. And when I finish it, it gives me the energy to keep going. This has helped me to take my company to the next level. - Namanmeet Singh, CEO of Elegant Glass & Shower Mirrors Ltd.

    Every homeowner has special plans for their dream house. Some of these plans materialize while some don’t. Factors such as getting the right colour or design, affordability and labour can be a hindrance to creating that dream home. Not any more. Elegant Glass and Shower Mirrors Ltd. CEO Namanmeet Singh’s only aim is to turn each client’s dream into reality. 
    Elegant Glass & Shower Mirrors Ltd. specializes in Mirrors, Custom Frameless Shower Doors, Custom Wood Closets Organizers, Frameless Glass Railings, Floating Steel Stairs, and Tub Doors. 
    Founded in 2008, Elegant Glass and Shower Mirrors started merely from a basement and has now become the top choice for developers and  homeowners in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. “A few years after the company was established, I entered into small single-family customization house projects. I tried improvising products which are different from the market. I added products in the shower door industry which helped me grow into the customization and single-family home area,” shares Namanmeet, who adds that his hardwork, creativity, and knowledge of the housing industry has helped the organization excel. 
    Today, the company is a proud owner of a new 16,000 sq. ft. facility which holds various materials and the most advanced machineries. “Even though we faced some tough times, I kept on going. My hard work didn’t let me down even a single day.”
    The new facility includes a 3,000 sq. ft. modern showroom and an in-house workshop. “The new facility will ensure quality improvement and the production is expected to increase about three times. It also eases the work of my employees,” says Namanmeet. He further adds, “Designers come into our showroom and like the products on display.”
    Elegant Glass and Shower Mirrors is the only company in the Lower Mainland to provide all these services in-house. This not only saves time in construction but also saves precious dollars of the client. Besides that, clients get a first hand look of the materials present in the workshop and can choose from a variety of designs. 
    “When customers see that we do different things under one roof, they feel more secure and confident that the company can handle their work,” points out Namanmeet.
    The young CEO recently introduced structured steelwork to his company’s long list of services. He says that a demand in structured steelwork stairs got him investing in this industry and making it accessible to all his clients. “Now we are working on three to four structured steelwork projects ourselves,” adds Namanmeet. 
    Namanmeet’s creativity has not only helped him remain in this business but has given birth to some innovative looks in various homes. Talking about one of his creation, he talks about the use of custom colour painted glass instead of tiles in washrooms. “This gives the washroom a clean look and is well-liked by the designers 
    and owners.”
    Currently the company is working on an 18-storey project in North Vancouver and is going to start production on a 35-storey building in Coquitlam. “We have 70 to 80 single-family projects in any given time. Every project is mostly customization.”
    The company is also up-to-date with the latest trends, styles and colours that are in demand in the housing industry. “When I started we were doing frame showers, now we are doing frameless showers,” states Namanmeet, sharing his inputs on the changing trends. He mentions Glass Railings  and Floating Steel Stairs – new designs added by the company that are greatly opted for by new homeowners instead of wood-frame railings. “The floating stairs eliminates all the walls around it and people can now have a more open look to their house.”
    Elegant Glass Trading Ltd. is another establishment that Namanmeet owns, which trades different products from various countries namely China, Korea, Europe, India, and USA. This service helps him cater to all communities existing in British Columbia and other 
    provinces. “We work with every community in the region,” says Namanmeet. 
    Namanmeet Singh is also involved in developing affordable condominiums for the young generation. “We are working on one project at the moment. After that, we have more plans,” he says. In conclusion he states, “If I plan to do something, I do it. And when I finish it, it gives me the energy to keep going. This has helped me to take my company to the next level.”
    #52-13370 78 Ave Surrey, BC

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