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Nirwan Law corporation: Protecting Your Rights

19 Sep, 2016
  • Nirwan Law corporation:  Protecting Your Rights


Leave the stress to us while you focus on your recovery.

Any kind of personal injury can shake a person completely. And while the individual is on his road to recovery, he is left to deal with ICBC or other insurance issues. Handling these matters can be stressful when one is physically and mentally weak. Here’s when Nirwan Law Corporation (NLC) comes to the rescue.

Nirwan Law Corporation, a well-known personal injury law firm based in Surrey, practises in the areas of car accident (ICBC) claims and other personal injury claims, such as slip and fall accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and hit and run accidents. “We handle all aspects of the claim and leave the client to focus on recovery and rehabilitation,” states Harpreet Nirwan, a barrister at NLC with a background in civil litigation, criminal defence and personal injury law. “We want people to know that we are here to serve them and will work to maximize their recovery.”

Ask him what sets NLC apart from other law firms and Nirwan clearly says “our personal relationships with our clients.” “It is our goal to put a smile on each client’s face and to ease the discomfort and frustration of their personal injury claim as much as possible.” 

And indeed, the services and utmost care provided by the firm will have you leaving the office feeling assured and smiling.

One of the many reasons for this smile – their “no fee if no recovery” service. “Meaning that we only collect legal fees if we win the case,” Nirwan explains. “This also means that our clients do not pay us anything up front; we charge our fees as a percentage of what we successfully recover for our clients.” NLC also takes care of the cost of ordering doctor’s reports, transcript fees, expert reports, and trial costs.

NLC is experienced in personal injury law and has considerable experience in fighting these cases in court. The corporation has successfully recovered over $5,000,000 in settlements and judgments for their clients over the years.  The company’s motto –  “we settle when you are ready, not when ICBC is ready.” “We protect our client’s rights and interests by putting the pressure on ICBC to move the file along (not at it’s own pace) and settle the file when our clients are ready. If ICBC does not reasonably settle, we proceed to court and put pressure on ICBC to come to the table with reasonable numbers,” points out Nirwan.

The diligent lawyer was always interested in practising law in a way that served people and made a difference in their lives. “I felt that personal injury was a great area to do just that because most people who are injured as a result of someone else’s negligence are not aware of their entitlements,” shares Nirwan about his interest in personal injury law. 

Furthermore, he believed that many injured persons could not adequately represent themselves in their injury claims because they were unfamiliar with the law and the claims process and they had other things to worry about such as rehabilitation. “I am grateful to work in an area where I can contribute to people’s lives in a small but meaningful way.”

At NLC, customer care and satisfaction is highly valued. “We tell each of our clients at the outset that our only goal is to ensure that they get the full amount of compensation available. That means the maximum amount of money for their pain and suffering, out of pocket expenses, and past and future wage loss as well as funding for their rehabilitative care such as physiotherapy,” assures Nirwan, proudly adding that they do not treat clients like a number.

“Each client is unique and we maintain a close and personal relationship with them. We answer or return every client call no matter how small the issue because we know that being injured due to someone else’s fault is a frustrating and traumatic experience where one needs as much support as possible.” 

If you need assistance on a personal injury claim, head to NLC for a free consultation. They offer services in English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu. “We want to take away the stress and pressure of the personal injury claims process and allow our clients to focus on healing and recovery,” sums up Nirwan.


#209-15240, 56th Ave, Surrey, B.C. 

T: 604-372-0253  |  F: 604-372-0254


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