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Inder Mann: Keeping you financially secure

23 Jan, 2018

    "My clients are the most important people in our firm, they are the purpose of it. They are the lifeblood of our profession, they are the reason this firm exists.”

    A New Year brings along with it new resolutions and goals. For businesses or entrepreneurs, it means a brand new strategy or a sustainable budget plan for the year. Though the idea may sound successful and captivating, a lot of companies or entrepreneurs don’t know how to turn their vision into reality or may not have the right knowledge or tools to initiate the idea. An ideal solution here would be to seek the advice of an accountant who can help you get started. However, finding an accountant that understands your needs and provides reliable and long-term solutions is equally important. This is where Inder Mann Accounting Solutions Ltd. takes the lead. 
    Inderjit Mann CPA, CGA (Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified General Accountant), is the proud owner of Inder Mann Accounting Solutions. Started in 2017, Inderjit’s firm is a one-stop shop for all your financial and accounting needs. “My objective is to provide clients with superior personalized tax, accounting and consulting services by implementing practical solutions for our clients’ diverse needs,” states Inder, who has over 10 years of Canadian accounting experience in public practice. 
    Backed with the professional qualification of CPA, CGA and a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from India, Inder’s strong skills of accounting, good judgment and forward thinking can help any company set up a strong management or work through its complex environment. She has worked with different types of clients, namely independent owners like dentists, lawyers and contractors, and new or established businesses like construction companies, among many others. “I have worked with mid-size accounting firms here in the Lower Mainland where I have gained good experience in managing accounting books and preparing the corporate tax returns and personal taxes.” 
    Inder Mann Accounting Solutions offers a wide range of services to individual and business clients. They include financial statement preparation for corporate year ends; personal and corporate income tax appeals; bookkeeping and data entry; payroll services and WCB filling; federal and provincial sales tax (GST, HST, PST and QST); and accounting system design while starting a new business. Over the past year, the organization has been playing a crucial role in helping new businesses establish their base and build their company. “At Inder Mann Accounting Solutions Ltd., I assist in preparing the business structure and business plan. Making sure your accounting procedures comply with government regulations and requirements. Providing advice and assistance on the type of the accounting software you may need,” explains Inder who points out that hiring an accountant can help reduce the stress of the new business.

    An accountant plays a pivotal role in ensuring a business or an entrepreneur is financially secure

    To validate this statement, Inder highlights four reasons why it is important for an individual or organization to seek professional accounting services:
    1) It helps the organization make better financial decisions.
    2) It helps individuals and organizations get better tax advice on crucial matters, and more over an accountant provides them timely advice.
    3) It assists the primary users, the management, employees, and owners in analyzing the organization’s performance and position and advices on appropriate measures. It provides aid to the owners by analyzing the profitability of their investment and helps decide the future course of action.
    4) Accounting services provide assistance to secondary users such as tax authorities, customers and creditors as well. It helps tax authorities determine the credibility of the tax return filed on behalf of the company; customers with the financial positions of its suppliers; and creditors in determining the credit worthiness of the organization.
    The diligent owner also points out two common misconceptions people have about accounting services and regards them as untrue:
    Myth #1: Only bigger organizations need accounting services: 
    Any size of business needs help to manage money, create budgets and pay taxes, and an accountant can help with these matters. Hiring a qualified person for assistance to start your business can help you get a solid business growth in place.
    Myth #2: Accounting services are expensive:
    Lots of smaller businesses do not hire accounting services because they think it is not financially worthwhile. There are different levels of services provided and unless you are doing any complex work, most accountants are reasonable-priced.
    Inder proclaims that clients are the most important people in her accounting firm. “My clients are the lifeblood of our profession, they are the reason this firm exists.” Besides offering services that are competent and result-oriented, Inder also provides a simpler understanding of complex issues or terms that can be difficult for clients to comprehend and guides them with practical and safe solutions. 
    If you are looking for a competent and reliable accountant to help your business, head to Inder Mann Accounting Solutions Ltd. today. 
    T: 778-574-5544 | F: 778-574-5545
    100A 5450 152St Surrey, BC V3S 5J9

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