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Power Agent: Gary Basi

22 Jan, 2018

    Your Trusted Name and Source in Land Investing and Development

    Mark Twain once said: “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore” – a statement that holds true in today’s time as we witness the real estate industry booming in British Columbia. In the last couple of years, B.C.’s thriving real estate market has created housing unaffordability in big cities. This upward rise is pushing families and investors to look for reasonable options outside Vancouver and in the Lower Mainland. “Within the next 10 years, Surrey will be the largest city, surpassing Vancouver,” declares Gary Basi, Vice President of RE/MAX Commercial Advantage. “About 70 per cent of the population in the next 20 years is moving towards the South Fraser Region, which includes Langley and Abbotsford. That is where the movement is happening.”
    RE/MAX Commercial is the 2nd largest brokerage firm in B.C., and is a highly reputable firm. Basi’s hard work and expertise in land selling has been greatly lauded. He is recognized as one among top five RE/MAX Commercial agents in all of Canada, and top two in B.C. Basi was recently honoured with RE/MAX’s Hall of Fame Award and Diamond Award. The Diamond Award is the highest award you can achieve in a single year. Only less than 1 per cent of agents ever achieve it. 
    With another successful year in the books, Gary Basi is a leading name in the industry when it comes to land development/investment. Basi’s hard work, relationship skills and vast knowledge have made him a trusted land realtor in the market. What separates Basi from other realtors in the industry is that he only focuses on land development and not other sectors of real estate. “Extensive knowledge, insight, attention to detail, along with having strong connections are all vital,” says the young vice president, who enjoys the challenge of finding the perfect plot for his clients. Basi believes his success comes from his 3 points of his business: 
    1. Vision: 
    Seeing land in a different limelight, foreseeing its best use before marketing or selling a particular parcel of land. 
    2. Insight:
    Having insight in the industry amongst his connections with developers/investors, and within different cities and jurisdictions. Basi is aware when certain developers are coming in and out of projects and are looking to add or sell land parcels to their portfolios. This comes from building strong relationships in the community. 
    3. Targeted Solutions:
    Being able to problem solve, and find the best solution and using this skill set to open up a NCP (Neighbourhood Concept Plan) or to develop a particular parcel of land that may have issues. Basi is dedicated to stay on top as a leading name in this competitive real estate industry and strives to exceed clients’ expectations. Basi’s advice to investors is to “always know your agent and who you are dealing with in order to get the best price and term for your investment. It is always beneficial to deal with an agent who is an expert in the field and knows the law of the land.” He further concludes that “it is important for an agent to make all aspects of the transaction smooth by having clear communication throughout the entire process, answering questions and providing up to date information within a non pressured environment.”
    Gary Basi
    RE/MAX Commercial Advantage 
    Ph: 604-899-9293 | Mob: 604-726-6505 
    500, 889 West Pender Street 
    Vancouver, BC V6C3B2

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