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Revisit India at An Indian Affair

Darpan News Desk, 17 May, 2017
  • Revisit India at An Indian Affair

An Indian Affair is one of the finest restaurants of Vancouver that not only serves the most delicious delicacies but provides you with welcoming and relaxing ambience. 

Are you seeking authentic yet healthy Indian food here in British Columbia? Look no further and head to An Indian Affair restaurant in Langley. “We have been creating the healthy version of Indian food,” says Gary Bakshi, owner of An Indian Affair, which opened in 2012. Ever since, the restaurant has grown incredibly in terms of food choices and loyal customers. “We are rated in the top 20 restaurants in BC,” proclaims Gary proudly.
Trained from Maurya Sheraton in Delhi, India, Gary brings to An Indian Affair his 26 long years of experience in the cooking and hotel industry as an expert chef in the finest restaurants of India, United States, and Canada. “I moved to the US in 1999 and worked in different restaurants in New Jersey, New York, Houston, Dallas and Louisiana; and created a few new restaurants in USA too,” says Gary, sharing a part of his impressive profile. 
He moved to Canada with his wife Anu in 2006 and six years later launched An Indian Affair. 
Today, the restaurant is known for its exotic and mouth-watering Indian dishes prepared in the most healthy and hygienic way. Talking about healthy cooking, Gary’s restaurant “uses quite a bit of olive oil blends and organic food  products in their cooking.” Catering to the taste of diners, dishes prepared at An Indian Affair are carefully customized to suit the needs and spice levels of the customer. “The spice level in Indian food may not be suitable for non-Indian customers, so we try to cut off the spices and also include less oil and chilli during preparation,” explains Gary.
Experiencing a lot of customers switching to healthy options, Gary decided to go a step ahead and introduce vegan and gluten-free items on the menu as well. “There is a demand for it,” he points out, “A lot of customers have lactose intolerance or allergies, so we have included different options for them. Also, many people think that Indian food is not gluten-free or cannot be vegan, so now they have a range of choices.” The restaurant also has a good wine collection and a wide range of local wines.
At An Indian Affair, a few delicious delicacies have become popular among regular visitors. “The lunch buffet is very popular and includes about 20 items,” says Gary. Other favourites include lamb chops, Afghani chicken tangri, kebabs, and calamari in the appetizer section. “The calamari is not the regular kind you get everywhere but more of an eastern style,” reveals the food expert. Among main course meat items, there’s fenugreek lamb/beef curry, anaari gosht, Allepy fish curry (a delicacy from Kerala), and chicken Chettinaad which Gary defines as a “southern style tangy chicken curry made with curry leaves.” Vegetarians will love the khatte meethe baingan and kadai subz. “Every dish comes with complimentary rice, so it’s quite affordable for a family who wants to enjoy dinner,” states Gary.
Ask him what makes An Indian Affair different from other Indian restaurants and Gary confidently says, “People love our food and how we prepare it. It’s not about just the food; our customer service is top-notch. We value every customer and address all genuine complaints.”
Indeed, customer satisfaction is highly valued by Gary and the staff at An Indian Affair. “We value our customer’s overall experience,” says the founder further elaborating, “We don’t just serve the food when you are in the restaurant, we listen to our customers and their needs.” It doesn’t come as a surprise then that the restaurant has won many accolades for its food and service. “Since the last three years, we have been [voted as] the #1 Restaurant in Langley. We are voted as the Best Vegan Food in Langley and Favourite Buffet in Langley,” says Gary.
An Indian Affair is one of the finest restaurants of Vancouver that not only serves the most delicious delicacies but provides you with a welcoming and relaxing ambience. The vibrantly-designed decor, the seating arrangements, and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant make it one of the most sought-after dinning destinations. Beyond fine dining, the restaurant also provides catering services for events and parties. “We do a lot of take outs and deliveries all over Langley, Cloverdale and Walnut Grove,” adds Gary. 
Go ahead and enjoy authentic Indian food with a modern, healthy twist and revisit India right here in BC.
#146-19653 Willowbrook Drive, Langley BC 

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