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MOD Style Design & Décor

24 Nov, 2015

    Modern/Contemporary Custom Home Designs

    Mandeep Sangha Nahal’s prowess in combining design elements with finesse and sophistication is impressive. This highly qualified interior designer at MOD Style Design and Décor comes with extensive experience and a unique style perspective in creating cohesive and authentic interiors that reflects excellence.

    With a client base extending across the Lower Mainland, Mandeep has successfully completed multiple projects from single-family houses to huge farmhouses, and 
works closely with her clientele by offering highly personalized services. “I always discuss my client’s vision and budget and then show them all the options.

    From start to finish of the project, I am involved in selecting every little thing. It may be surprising but even a small thing such as door knob, handle or colour, can help transform the entire look of the space,” Mandeep says.

    As a young, creative and enthusiastic designer carrying a decade worth of experience, Mandeep fuses her client's taste with customized design solutions while creating a space that reflects warmth and functionality. This involves adopting a collaborative and proactive approach. Mandeep is closely involved in selecting everything with the client alongside instructing tradesmen at jobsite including framers, electricians, plumbers, finishers and tile installers.

    When hired at the point of inception, Mandeep can assist in getting the best products at the best prices. "Pre-designed kitchen using AutoCAD/2020 helps client get clear vision and knowing the exact design/style of kitchen helps them shop around for best deal."

    Mandeep points out that although she can offer the best of her services at any stage, be it building or renovating, it is advisable to hire an interior designer right from the start. “I always prefer to start before drywall. If hired after drywall, I have limited choice with custom designing and I have to work with what’s there. Some clients hire me right from the planning stage with architect for custom 
interior and exterior designing and others contact me when plan is approved from city and digging starts."

    Some of the several services offered at MOD Style Design and Décor include:

    • Designing ceiling drops, kitchen, bathroom, feature walls, living room and family room units.
    • Selecting stone, tiles, colour, 
stains, railing, doors and windows.
    • Selecting lighting, fireplace, 
entry and garage door.
    • Styles of stucco, shingles, facia, gable and roof.
    • Selecting tubs, sinks, toilets, faucets, shower knobs and handles.
    • Selecting hardwood, rug, laminate, countertops, backsplash, mirrors.
    • Selecting moulding, blinds, trims and   
    • Landscaping, gazebo, waterfall and barbecue kitchen design.
    • Furnishing and Decoration.

    At MOD Style Design and Décor, the client can expect Mandeep to be involved in every aspect of designing for the interior and exterior, from concept to completion. "The biggest mistake that owners make in designing their home is replication," Mandeep says. "Designing is all about following a theme and giving a specific look without mixing styles.” Matchless quality of freshness and elegance stands at the core of MOD Style Design and Décor. What sets Mandeep apart in this multithreaded design approach that she meticulously employs in all 
her projects. “An expert eye always helps in making the best out of the layout,” she says.


    For Free Consultation Call or Email:

    Mandeep Sangha Nahal : 778-809-9795

    14730 56B Avenue Surrey BC


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