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Paarull Bakshi

Darpan News Desk, 17 Jul, 2019

    The Anonymous Force Behind the Success of Many...


    Paarull has silently been the driving force behind numerous success stories. She has enabled her clients with insights, analysis and best practices from across countries to create a mark for herself in the communications industry.

    In a world where everyone is fighting their own set of battles to be successful, Paarull JS Bakshi is fighting that battle for the success of others. An Image Consultant/ Brand Manager by profession and founder of Paarull Communications Ltd., Paarull has paved her way to success by her selfless art of story-telling.

    As a Public Relations Consultant, it is imperative to develop a special bond with your clients and position them in the best possible way to the world outside. Paarull ignites this connection in her first meeting and her mind starts working with a whirlwind of creative and strategic ideas in order to showcase and highlight her client’s best features and skills. Positioning and strategizing vary with every changing client and industry. It takes an artist to curate the best strategies to reach out to its audience and Paarull proficiently caters to such varying requirements of her clients.

    Her successful father, a renowned name in the Shipbuilding and Maritime industry, has been a driving force for her to establish herself as an independent woman entrepreneur. Paarull has lived every day of her life taking a cue from her grandmother’s golden words to her from when she was a little girl,“Either you be the best at what you do or don’t do it at all.”

    Communications is an intriguing industry to work in and Paarull has given eight years of her life to it in order to build salience for her brands. With an attitude to dig deep and plough wide, a sharp eye for detail, power to envision and enable the brands to stand out with its extraordinary narrative, Paarull has become a trusted name in BC’s South Asian Community. She is nothing short of an inspiration for the youth today who are looking to make a name for themselves.

    Paarull has been instrumental in the public image transformation of successful businessman Perminder Chohan and building his personal brand and branding for his philanthropic organization, the Perminder Chohan Foundation. Paarull and her team have worked round the clock for some of her clients, when needed.

    Her team comprises successful artists who are as passionate as her about their work.Over the years, Paarull has worked her PR and brand building magic for clients like astrologer Sanjeev Katoch, Bollywood’s holistic healer Dr. Larra Shah, Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival (VISAFF) and other successful entrepreneurs, politicians and artists.

    She has worked behind the scenes at large events with celebrities like Gulshan Grover, singer Jazzy B, musicians Madan Mohan Gopal and Chaar Yaar, Sufi King Satinder Sartaaj, Hero No. 1 Govinda, Tina Ahuja and Youtube sensations and comedy stars from Mumbai – Rahul Subramanian and Kunal Kamra.

    Paarull has silently been the driving force behind numerous success stories. She has enabled her clients with insights, analysis and best practices from across countries to create a mark for herself in the communications industry. Paarull along with her team give in their hearts and souls to make this venture a success that it is today.

    Paarull Communications Ltd.

    Paarull Bakshi

    Cell: 604.318.4913 Email:

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