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Allure Ventures: Our Family Building Your Home

Darpan News Desk, 01 Oct, 2021
  • Allure Ventures: Our Family Building Your Home

Allure Ventures, one of BC’s newest developers, is already destined to make a significant impact in the regional real estate industry.



Allure Ventures, one of BC’s newest developers, is already destined to make a significant impact in the regional real estate industry. The family behind the company has a long history of community commitment, and are experts in construction. Their first project to start construction is The Grand on King George, an iconic 46-storey building featuring a residential tower perched atop a 5-story glass-encased commercial podium.

With no shortage of talent in the Canadian construction market, Allure Ventures is going to raise the bar in high-rise development with the mission to build excellence each day for every client and every project. The Grand is the first example of a commitment Allure is making to be a real change agent in the communities they invest in. In Surrey Centre, including the historic Whalley District, Allure sees the potential to make a lasting contribution to the revitalization and growth of the community that has been so critical to the success of the family businesses.

“The time is right for luxury in the area. The City of Surrey has been very helpful and willing to work with us to get this project moving. We are excited to be breaking new ground,” says Erik Andersen, Head of Development at Allure Ventures.

The development objectives of Allure are impressive, with a keen eye to visually enhancing the landscape with standout structures. Allure believes home buyers and commercial investors have the right to expect that quality is paramount, that the construction schedule is respected, and that the company delivers homes and commercial spaces that truly stand out in design. Livability is a key component of the residential tower vision. Like with the 23,000 square feet of amenities at The Grand, each development project will similarly focus on enhancing lifestyle and providing homes that are comfortable and generous in appointment and fixtures.

Commenting on what Allure has planned for buyers, Arietta Fishlin, Director of Sales at Allure Ventures says, “The Grand is a truly unique building for Surrey, it’s one of the largest towers that has come into Surrey City Centre. It has a unique mix of residential and commercial space; the residential portion being appointed with wonderful indoor and outdoor features that will make living here a joy. The Grand is the first example of how Allure is going to be building homes for people that make their lives better.”

In the near term, Allure has great expectations for developing in Surrey with several development projects to be announced soon. One such project is a three-tower high-rise development that will be surrounded by gardens and showcase almost 1,000 prestigious homes. The City of Surrey’s commitment to vitalize the city centre including expansion of the transit infrastructure allows developers to be confident in their development aspirations. Skytrain greatly facilitates a transition to urban living and ensures that all points in the Lower Mainland are easily accessible to people that live or work in an Allure building. Surrey is thriving with growing medical, educational and business hubs; the real estate industry is also thriving in Surrey.

“Allure Ventures is a family-owned company, and we came into it with a belief of family first. Our model is our family building your home. We believe in quality and timelines,” says Mohamed Mansour, VP of Sales at Allure Ventures. A visit to Allure’s presentation centre located at the historic five corners intersection in Whalley really brings to light the differentiation that Allure wants to bring to Surrey. The family commitment to quality and delivery is abundantly clear.

At the presentation centre, home buyers were able to virtually tour the collection of nine well-appointed floor plans. There are also two complete showcase suites highlighting the one each of the luxurious one-bedroom and den and two-bedroom city homes.

Residences are thoughtfully designed and feature exceptional and exquisite modern urban living. Interiors by Cristina Oberti Interior Design provide lavishly appointed light and dark themes, quality material for a timely look, a careful combination of floors, cabinets, countertops, and unique features and finishes. Make sure to look for future Allure projects and keep an eye on the Presentation Centre as they transition to the next projects. Allure is well on the way to transforming the community and bringing exciting change to the landscape.


Allure Ventures

T: 604-359-8118


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