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Wedding Stories: Rupa & Gagan

Darpan News Desk Darpan, 20 May, 2019

    "At the end of the day all we have is each other and we want to create a loving and fun life together!"



    Q: How did you meet?

    Gagan: We have a lot of mutual friends but we never really talked. I ended up messaging her through Instagram, it was more casual without any thoughts of dating. After a short time of texting, talking and getting to know each other, we decided to meet. On our first date we went to a restaurant near Crescent Beach. It was so easy and natural to talk to one another and it felt like we really understood each other. We never looked back after that!

    Q: What do you love most about one another?

    We both are family-oriented, long-term planners, and constantly pushing each other to grow everyday as much as possible.

    Q: Could you share your proposal story?

    Gagan: I told Rupa it was my cousin’s birthday and that he planned a dinner on Grouse Grind. I figured it would be the best view and something different with all the snow around. When we were on the way, my cousin called saying his car broke down so he will be a little late – which was our cue to still go up the mountain. The photographer Sandeep (also a friend of mine) was already waiting at the mountain top. We both told Rupa that while we wait, we should explore the mountain. The goal was to go over the ramp and propose but she was wearing high heels and kept slipping. I couldn’t really justify letting her fall over this, so I proposed after walking a few steps. She was in complete shock and had no idea what was going on, and that was a nice thing to see. After the proposal, we both went on a date to the very first restaurant we went on a date to.

    Q: Describe your wedding day. What was your favourite moment?

    Gagan: The wedding day was stressful for obvious reasons as you want everything to go according to plan, as you’ve spent a good year and half to put the whole thing together. Yet none of it mattered when Rupa walked in with her nephew. It was my favourite part and moment of the wedding.

    Rupa: I have many memorable moments! Having my family around me, getting ready, and seeing our wedding vision come to life was the beginning of one of the greatest days of my life. Other moments include walking down the aisle with my brothers and nephew by my side and meeting Gagan at the end of the aisle; Gagan making jokes and trying to make me laugh while the wedding ceremony was going on; the excitement once the ceremony was done; and Gagan just being so caring and considerate throughout the entire day.

    Q: Could you tell us about your reception?

    Rupa: The reception was full of surprises! When we entered, we were surprised to see everyone waving a white flag in the air, like how they do during hockey playoffs. Gagan is a huge Canucks fan so this was very fitting. Our next day edit blew us away. Our reception was nothing short of a great time with family and friends and lots of laughter and fun!

    Q: Can you describe your outfits?

    Gagan: We both wanted to be really different and still compliment each other. My outfit was Maharaja-style and Rupa’s outfit was more traditional. We kept to a red and gold colour scheme.

    Q: What are your goals as a couple?

    Our current goals as a couple are to travel as much as possible; learn from new experiences; have lots of laughs; and always make time for us. At the end of the day all we have is each other and we want to create a loving and fun life together!

    Q: What are the strengths of your marriage?

    We have great communication and understanding, and work daily to support one another.

    Q: If you could provide any advice to other married couples, what would it be?

    We’ve been married only six months to give any significant advice but what works for us is to always have happiness, love and laughter in our life. This is our destination in life no matter what life throws at us.

    Photography: JC Images



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