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Queen Margaret’s School: Building Confidence and Potential

Darpan, 17 Mar, 2015

    As a globally-minded community, Queen Margaret’s School provides enriched educational experiences and unique programs that prepare students for university, for higher education, for life.

    Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." This philosophy resonates in the vision and mission of Queen Margaret's School (QMS) that is spread lavishly across 27 acres on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia.

    This all-girls boarding school fosters all-round development of its students through rich tradition and an ethos conducive to developing each student's potential to the fullest. Motivated by these principles of excellence, Akhtar and Reika Uppal enrolled their daughter Aatya in Grade 6 at QMS when she was ten years old. Reika explains that their decision to register Aatya in QMS' boarding program was influenced by her own upbringing, where studying at a boarding school encouraged her to become independent and confident. "The decision to enroll Aatya in a boarding school was taken a long time ago as I was raised and educated in a boarding school myself in India. It is very normal back there to have your children study in boarding schools."

    For South Asians, the boarding school culture is a norm observed with much respect and admiration, both for the child and parents. So when the Uppals were researching for the best option in boarding, QMS appeared as the ideal choice. "I am really satisfied with QMS as it provides the right opportunities and resources to help a child achieve anything. I can see Aatya trying new things and taking risks, trying new sports, developing new skills, and taking on leadership roles," Reika explains while describing Aatya's performance at QMS.

    Established in 1921, this school has garnered significant prominence across Canada  in the last 94 years for its educational ethos and culture. Its accomplishments are evident in the innovative programs within the senior school curriculum that infuse leadership and technical skills through the STEM Program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).  "We have 100% acceptance into post-secondary education and we are unique in that we offer so many different options to a relatively small graduation class. Our grad classes tend to be between 30 and 34 girls so our programming is very individualized. It is very progressive," observes Communications Coordinator Hayley Picard.

    A dynamic learning environment is endorsed by talented staff who are dedicated to creating opportunities for students to achieve high standards, not just academically but also in the social arena. An excited Aatya,who thoroughly enjoys her equestrian lessons at QMS, states that "There are a lot of sports here and you also get to ride horses!"

    The prestigious school is proud of its equestrian program that is delivered in the serene and pristine location of Duncan, BC. The school inspires riders of all levels to participate and encourages inclusive growth of students with this outdoor activity. "The equestrian program gives opportunities to girls who want to take up riding and participate in horse shows. Aatya has enrolled in various extracurricular activities too, including the school band, dramatics, arts and pottery classes. Socially, I see her making more friends and she is learning to be responsible for her actions because she is bound by an honour and discipline code at QMS. I can see that the lessons in life learned in QMS will lay a solid foundation for her adulthood," says Reika proudly while describing Aatya's progress.

    Inspired by the tenets of excellence and innovation, QMS is multicultural with students and staff from all over the world. A global student base provides opportunity for students to experience various cultures, languages and beliefs within the premises of the campus. It boosts their confidence and enables them to excel in the outside world. Moreover, the secure campus offers comfortable accomodations and excellent teaching and non-teaching staff who ensure that each student possesses the skills and abilities to realize their potential and meet life's challenges. Reika reiterates this with her personal experience by stating that "The QMS staff are like Aatya’s family members who take care of her and give her good advice."

    In conjunction with the cultural diversity that enhances this educational environment, QMS has an English Language Learners Program which allows students to bring multi-ethnic diversity into the classrooms and further polish their English language skills.
    QMS' approach of nurturing a holistic growth of its students is evident from the fact that graduates from the school go on to pursue higher education at renowned national and international universities and eventually fulfill leadership roles in their chosen professions. "I would encourage parents to enroll their children at QMS as this would be one of the best decisions they would make for their child," says Reika proudly.

    Queen Margaret's School
    Duncan, BC
    T: 250-746-4185 | F: 250-746-4187

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