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Chef Saransh Goila

Darpan News Desk, 18 Jul, 2017

    “There is unity in the culinary diversity of India”

    Chef Saransh Goila is a breath of fresh air in India’s vibrantly flourishing culinary world. A few years ago, the spirited chef, created waves in India after winning the Food Food Maha Challenge and from there began the start of an exciting journey; his show Roti Rasta aur India was one of them. 
    Roti Rasta aur India, a 100-day journey undertaken by Chef Goila covered 25 states and documented the expansive culinary richness of India. “The journey was not a cake walk. Sometimes I had to work with just one sauté-pan over burning coal with blunt knives. Apart from production challenges, travelling 100-days straight by road was a physically daunting task. The biggest challenge was to stay fit, happy and shiny for 100 days on the go,” describes Chef Goila. This talented chef weaved his experiences from Roti Rasta aur India into a book called India on My Platter. 
    What’s the best part about being a chef?
    The creativity. The art of blending spices and vegetables and creating recipes is very exciting. It allows you to be a new person everyday!

    How would you define your style of cooking?
    Very home-style! I learn from the streets of India and hence my cooking style is also adopted from there. It’s carefree and wholesome. I like cooking meals that leave you satisfied more than entertained. 
    What has been the best advice you’ve received in this industry?
    It has been from my mentor Chef Sanjeev Kapoor – You do what you have to do – have a 20-year plan and there will always be naysayers, what only matters eventually is what you believe in.

    Your all-time favourite cuisine or dish?
    Sindhi kadhi chawal that mom makes any day!
    What is the biggest cooking blunder anyone can make?
    To cook food without love! That’s a big blunder!


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