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Hottest Design Trends for 2019

By Carly Verhoeven, 31 Jan, 2019

    Make way for an array of new patterns, bold colours and luxurious metals


    Interior design trends are constantly evolving and influencing our decorating decisions. Luckily, with an exciting array of new patterns, bold colours and luxurious metals, we can celebrate the new year with some of the hottest design trends for 2019.


    Watch for the renewal of curved furniture in 2019. Hard-edged furniture is out, and softer-curved furniture is in. Curvy furniture brings a softer visual to a room paying homage to the 1950s.

    PRO TIP: When designing, start with one statement piece of furniture for architectural design impact.


    While light neutrals are all the rage, bold neutrals are making a solid entrance for 2019’s top design trends. This year we will see lots of dark and light neutrals paired together. Adding a punch of colour can transform the mood of your home by bringing a dramatic feel to your design. A colour from the Simon Chang 2019/20 Trend Colour Collection is Tropic of Conversation, which is Beauti-Tone Paint’s 2019 Colour of the Year. Tropic of Conversation is full of warmth, joy and positive energy. “I love this colour because it is saturated in positivity,” says Bev Bell, creative director, Beauti-Tone Paint and Home Products Division, Home Hardware Stores Limited. Not intended to stand alone, it is a very social colour and is beautifully paired with softer or muted tones for maximum impact.

    PRO TIP: When developing your colour scheme, infuse a bold neutral through a beautiful cabinet or brightly coloured backsplash.


    While many designers thought hygge would fade in the background, it appears this cozy esthetic is rolling on. Cue chunky-quilted blankets, soft-neutral palettes, flickering candles and wicker baskets. By including hygge in your home, you can expect a balanced retreat that will create calmness and help you escape the world of technology.


    One of the biggest trends for 2019 is mixing metals. Designers no longer feel the need to have the kitchen faucet match the cupboard hardware. In 2019, designers are staying fresh by pairing complementary metal finishes for added interest and eccentricity.

    PRO TIP: When designing your kitchen, try to incorporate 2-3 metal finishes for a unique twist and sophisticated esthetic. Venetian bronze looks fabulous when mixed with a brushed nickel.


    Art deco is on the rise and incorporates some of our favourite materials and patterns. High gloss metals, marble and velvet add layers of luxury to your home.

    PRO TIP: Try a metallic bar-cart with hints of marble and glass décor for a taste of luxury.


    Sustainable and natural fabrics are a dominating trend that will become more mainstream in 2019. You can find natural fabrics in throws, cushions, upholstered furniture and artwork. PRO TIP: This is where DIY lovers have fun. Try layering jute rugs, woven-wall hangings and fabric baskets around your home. Have fun and let your inner artist shine.


    Matte-black isn’t the newest trend for 2019, but it continues to be dominant on the list of hottest trends for interior design. Appearing nearly everywhere (faucets, hardware, windows and doors), this stunning design trend is here to stay. Weiser Lock offers an array of stylish products to give your home a modern makeover, while Moen has some exquisite matte-black faucets that will wow your guests.


    Terrazzo finishes have become popular and will continue to shine well into 2019. The pattern and colours of terrazzo add layers of texture for a playful design.

    PRO TIP: Be careful on the amount of terrazzo you install, as large quantities can be overwhelming in appearance for this bolstering trend.


    Popular in different areas of Europe, light-coloured flooring is making a comeback and transforming entire living spaces. Think shades of light oak, birch and blonde wood.

    PRO TIP: Light flooring is fabulous for making a space feel larger. Looking to use stain? It’s best to start with a wood floor that is already blonde.


    Designers are saying goodbye to plain-white ceilings and are beginning to be mindful of design. Colour, wallpaper and mouldings are making headway in this year’s ceiling trend.

    PRO TIP: If you’re brave enough to test this trend, consider the designer rule – include lighter colouring on the ceiling and darker colouring on the walls.


    Colourful wallpaper on a feature wall is no longer on trend. Instead, try to elevate your design by wallpapering an entire room with a subdued textured print.

    PRO TIP: It’s easy to overdo it with wallpaper. Focus on one room and select a soft design that exudes elegance and sophistication.


    Minimalist Scandinavian design has conquered the interior design world for the past few years. New to 2019 is the return of a more maximalist style. Designers are steering clear of all white décor and are adding bold textures, patterns and colours.

    PRO TIP: Try pairing different fabrics and tile together. Avoid going for an all matched esthetic and aim for a mismatched design.


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