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A Colourful Gothic Explosion

By Joseph A. Federico,, 26 Jan, 2015
  • A Colourful Gothic Explosion

Think of the winter 2014-15 fashion as a colorful orgy, and everyone is invited. Women will be wearing every color under the sun, mixed with tons of fur, and some very large sunglasses. The truth is, the winter trends really have no direction. Let’s get a handle on what’s about to happen, shall we?

After attending shows, scouring the internet, and well, downright people watching, the consensus is in: Women will take the cake in the upcoming months. Men are sporting drab, dark, and funky items, and women are just having fun. It’s a beautiful juxtaposition.

Let’s start with the torso; red is the most popular, ladies! In past decades, red was a va-va-voom expression best kept to voluptuous lips, but now, it is perfectly acceptable to wrap your whole being in the color. Skirts, dresses, and gowns should be donned on your goddess-like bodies.

Red is a fire sign color, and exudes power when worn. This trend originally started thanks to Japanese designer, Rei Kawakubo; once it was released to the public, she stated that her dresses were made of “blood and fire.” There you have it.

Wearing red is simple; accessorize with plain flats or crazily patterned high heels. If you want to really make a statement, pair your red outfit with an animal print scarf, muff, or winter coat. The boys will not know what to do with themselves as you walk down the street.

Okay, so we have the main trend situated. Here’s where the winter fashion takes a turn… this winter season will see a resurgence of gothic fashion, much like that of the 1990s. Bold statements will most certainly be made when it comes to fashion.

Outer garments will also be heavily sought after. Chanel has a coral, fuchsia, and white tweed jacket that is a must-have for any avid jacket collector. The jacket itself has a tattered look, and could be a piece that came right out of a late-1960s film.

Tweed isn’t the only type of jacket making its way to the stores. Fendi has beautiful blue fur coat that will transform you into a lovely snow queen. It is full-length, and will assure that the attention stays on you, whether you are out at work, or attending a fabulous mid-winter soiree. Word on the street is that if the Fendi coat breaks the bank (especially after the holidays), H&M Canada has a pretty realistic knock off for sale (ranging anywhere from $99-$129). Shhh, we didn’t tell you that. We are not done just yet, because we have not discussed accessories. Aren’t accessories the most important part of one’s outfit?

Purses and bags are bulky and chunky. The couture bags on the market this time around come in hues of black and brown, and they are animal prints and leather-bound. The purses are a nice touch, seeing that the colors of one’s wardrobe will be blinding.

Sunglasses are not just for the summertime. The winter shades will reflect shapes we saw but only a few years ago, back in 2008 or so. The hottest sunglasses to pick up are from Gucci and Louis Vuitton. The Louis Vuitton glasses look like enlarged ski goggles, but that’s okay, because they can do no wrong in our book.

Right, on to jewellery. The well-respected woman in this day and age should have multiple piercings in each ear. Think of this fad as hopefully fast-passing, but here for the time being. Embrace it. Long, dripping diamond earrings should don your lobes, as a more punkish piercing should protrude the upper cartilage. Be sure to mix and match colors, styles, and metals.

To truly complete a look, the makeup is where it is at. We are seeing smoky eyes coming back from the 1920s, girls. A thick black or purple, almond-shaped eye will make the contours of your face pop. Simply shade your eyelid heavily, then fade the eyeliner out and under each eye.

Bold really is the statement to make this winter. With bold color, badass accessories, and deliciously placed makeup, there is no stopping you. How will you go bold during  the coldest months of the year?

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